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Man Leads Police on High-Speed Chase

By Staff | Mar 13, 2013

Brian Ray Blake

New Martinsville Police Chief Tim Cecil confirms that a high speed police chase occurred Friday night in New Martinsville. The chase resulted in the arrest of Brian Ray Blake, 31, of Route 2, 109A, New Martinsville, and $5,839 in damages to a New Martinsville police cruiser.

Cecil stated that a call received at approximately 11 p.m. Friday night first brought the police’s attention to the gentleman, who was found slumped over the steering wheel of his vehicle, located in the intersection of Maple Avenue and Franklin Street. Cecil stated that both Officer Howell and Officer Tony Thomas responded to the incident. Upon arrival, the two noticed the vehicle was in drive and Blake’s foot was on the brake. “There was a bunch of beer in the vehicle,” Chief Cecil reported.

Cecil added that the officer took a wheel from the back of the truck and placed it in front of the truck so that the truck would not move. When the gentleman was woken up, he fled the scene, pushing the tire down Maple Avenue.

Blake was pursued up Maple Avenue, onto Parkway, and onto Monroe Street. Cecil states that although Officer Howell went around Blake to keep him from turning onto state Route 2, Howell swerved and took out the police cruiser.

Chief Cecil reported that Blake then turned south onto Fourth Street, drove back down to Route 2, turned left onto Franklin Street, “and hit Pine Street and went up on over Tarpin Ridge and over a right-of-way onto his land. Blake then took his truck down a four-wheeler path.”

Unable for a cruiser to traverse that path, Cecil states he met with officer reinforcements, including Deputies Randy Adams and Eric Daugherty and Corporal Mike Koontz. Law enforcement then travelled to the opposite side of the gentleman’s property and arrested him “on the road coming back down on Route 7.” Blake was transferred to the police station and charged with felony fleeing and driving under the influence.

Cecil states that Blake bonded out of the Northern Regional Jail, but more charges are pending.