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Truck Plows Into Witschey’s

By Staff | Feb 27, 2013

This truck ran into the front of Witschey’s Market in New Martinsville Sunday afternoon. Miraculously, no one was injured. (Photos by Dan Henthorn)

A thankful blessing, that is what people are saying about the fact that no one was injured after a truck ran into the entrance of Witschey’s Market on North Street, New Martinsville, Sunday afternoon.

Bill Witschey, owner of the grocery store, said the driver of the truck was parked in about the third row of the front lot. At about 1:35 p.m. Employee Ephraim Wade was carrying out groceries for the driver’s wife. “Evidently he was pulling up to pick her up when she was coming down the ramp,” said Witschey. However, the truck did not stop, but sped through the grocery store’s wall and exit door.

“He said he thought the accelerator stuck on him,” said Witschey. “The very fortunate thing, no one was hurt. It was amazing too that no one was in his path and while glass flew everywhere, not one person was touched by a piece of glass.”

In the midst of a “Super Sunday” sale, Witschey said the store was busier than normal at that time. In fact, they had just called for more shopping carts to be delivered up front, right where the truck stopped.

“It was truly a blessing that no one was injured,” agreed New Martinsville Fire Chief Larry Couch, who ordered the evacuation of the building until the scene was secured and they could make sure there were no utilities involved.

“We’re thankful. We’re just plain thankful that no one got hurt,” continued Witschey.

Of course there was extensive damage to the building. Witschey was thankful that they got a crew to the store reasonably soon and started to close up the whole created by the truck.

Also, the employees had to clean up a lot of dust and go through all the nearby product to make sure there was no glass in the shelves or groceries. Amazingly the store reopened at 6 p.m. “thanks to a lot of good help getting it closed up and cleaned up,” said Witschey.