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Violations At Mobley Prompt $306,000 Fine for MarkWest

By Staff | Feb 20, 2013

This photo from January 2012 shows a large slip that occurred at MarkWest’s project in Mobley. The company was recently ordered to pay a fine of just over $306,000 for environmental violations at the site. (Photo by Amy Witschey)

Before investing $1.9 billion for new natural gas processing infrastructure in Ohio’s Utica Shale, MarkWest Energy will pay a $306,000 fine for polluting a stream across the Ohio River near its Mobley plant in Wetzel County.

“While the landslides at our Mobley facility were unforeseen and regrettable, MarkWest accepts responsibility for activities at its facilities,” said Robert E. McHale, manager of environmental regulatory affairs for MarkWest.

According to an order from the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection, MarkWest allegedly violated the state’s Water Pollution Act at the Mobley construction site on multiple occasions between October 2011 and July 2012.

The DEP report notes serious erosion and multiple soil slips resulted in the pollution and obstruction of an unnamed tributary of the North Fork of Fishing Creek with sediment, trees, and other debris.

“Following the occurrence of the landslides, which resulted in sediment entering tributaries from the landslides, MarkWest worked closely with the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection to remediate the affected areas-and will continue this work until the impacts are fully alleviated,” McHale said.

Along with companies such as Dominion Resources and Williams Partners, MarkWest processes the natural gas piped in by drillers such as Chesapeake Energy, Antero Resources, Gulfport Energy, and others. The processors strip the dry methane part of the gas stream away from the liquid portions-ethane, propane, butane, and pentane-so the separated products can be marketed.

Public comment on the incident will be accepted until March 22. To file a comment or gain more information, write to the West Virginia Division of Water and Waste Management at 601 57th St. SE, Charleston, WV 25304; or call 304-926-0495.

The 38-page consent order from the WVDEP issued Feb. 5 is available on our website, www.wetzelchronicle.com.

The order outline the dates and natures of the violations and the complete explanation for the fines. MarkWest must submit a proposed stream restoration plan and proposed plan of corrective action and scheduled within 45 days of the order’s