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Dunham Pleads Guilty To Delivery of Oxycodone

By Staff | Feb 20, 2013

Ronald L. Dunham, also known as “Buck,” 36, of 730 Highland Avenue, New Martinsville, entered a guilty plea Feb. 15 to delivery of a controlled substance, oxycodone.

For this offense, Dunham was sentenced to jail for one to 15 years with credit for time served, 37 days. Dunham further agreed to pay $216.85 to the State Police for monies expended during the investigation. These monies must be paid within 120 days of Dunham’s release from incarceration. Additionally, the state filed a recidivist information against Dunham, due to his prior felony conviction of third domestic battery. Because of this, Dunham’s minimum of one year was enhanced to two years.

When asked to give a factual background of what he had done in regards to July 11 of this past year, Dunham stated, “I got some prescriptions pills from what I thought was a friend of mine.” Dunham agreed that he later found out this friend was actually a confidential informant for the state.

The state agreed that the execution of Dunham’s sentence will be March 15, due to Dunham being required to accompany his mother to the hospital for treatments. However, Dunham is required to report to Chief Probation Officer John D. Lantz twice a week regarding his activities.

Dunham was handed a seven-count indictment from the September 2012 grand jury. He was charged with three counts each of conspiracy to deliver oxycodone and delivery of oxycodone as well as one count of conspiracy to deliver heroin.

In another matter, Dillon O. Haley, 21, of 413 Edgeview Terrace, New Martinsville, admitted at his adjudicatory hearing on Feb. 15 that he did violate terms of his probation. However, the matter was passed until after March 22, due to matters pending in Marshall County.

On May 25, Haley entered a plea of guilty to petit larceny. Haley was sentenced to confinement in jail for six months. However, the execution of that sentence was suspended and he was placed on probation for two years.

Drug test results on July 7 confirmed that Haley had tested positive for oxycodone. Furthermore, on July 5, Haley was cited for two traffic violations in Washington, Pa., driving on a suspended license and driving a “defective” vehicle. Finally, Haley had two more criminal charges from Marshall County, forgery and uttering.

Because of the deferring of adjudication, Karl sternly warned Haley that if he received word of another violation, “if I get a call from the Wetzel County Sheriff’s office or the Marshall County Sheriff’s office, you’ll be picked up and coming before me in an orange suit.”