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Judge Karl Places Zachary Jerico On Home Confinement

By Staff | Feb 13, 2013

Zachary Jerico, 25, of 291 Locust St., New Martinsville, will be serving a year on home confinement, followed by a year of probation, for drug-related offenses.

Previously, at a Nov. 5 sentencing hearing, Judge Mark A. Karl had been given a DVD video that allegedly shows Jerico involved with area drug activity. This was after Jerico had pleaded guilty to conspiracy to deliver oxycodone on Aug. 16.

At a sentencing hearing, held on Sept. 21, an investigator of the West Virginia State Police stated he had witnessed Jerico at a high drug area making contact with several others who have involvement with drugs. The investigator stated there were multiple customers in the area, with one sale being made.

Furthermore, the investigator had said that based on his observations, he could assume Jerico has had recent involvement with drugs, this being since Jerico had been handed his indictment.

Attorney Shane Mallet requested that the court consider home confinement as Jerico is currently employed and has two children that depend on him. Mallet added that Jerico has no other criminal record.

“I know I haven’t been an outstanding citizen as of late . . . I know I’m capable of being a good person. I’d like to prove that,” Jerico added to his defense.

Karl first sentenced Jerico to the penitentiary, but then suspended the sentence and, instead, placed him on two years of probation, the first being served as home confinement. Karl added a stern warning for Jerico, telling him to stay away from drugs. ‘If you come back with a failed test of any type,” said Karl. “I will remove you from society and place you in incarceration.” It was also ordered that Jerico stay away from the Villas apartment complex.