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Superintendent Gives More Incident Information

By Staff | Feb 6, 2013

Wetzel County Superintendent of Schools Diane Watt was able to shed some light on the situation that cancelled the Jan. 23 Magnolia verses Clay-Batelle boys basketball game, which was set to be held at Magnolia High School.

Watt stated that the situation was not due to a bomb threat, as was, at first, assumed by many. “It was a threat that alluded to the fact that the crowd at the game would be in harm’s way,” she stated. “It wasn’t a specific threat.” Watt adds that the situation has been investigated and the investigation is ongoing. She added that once the individual(s) that made the threat are identified, they will be prosecuted.

Watt stated that these situations are always automatically reported to the police. “Then we move into action in terms of a school-wide investigation, determining the level of threat and what the best and most secure measures are.”

Watt said she was unable to report the police’s involvement in the matter but reported that Magnolia’s Prevention Resource Officer and school administration are involved in the school’s internal investigation of the matter.

Furthermore, “The students have been notified that we will not tolerate any foolishness,” Watt stated. “I know that the administration and the teachers have a fairly well-oiled plan monitoring student activity when they are present in class and not present in class.”

In a matter at Monday night’s Board of Education meeting, Treasurer Jeff Lancaster stated that a $323,303.94 supplement was to be added to the budget, the majority of which was made up of the board’s AllState Insurance recovery funds from the June storms. Additionally, the supplement is also made up of the first round of FEMA funds. The board will receive three separate projects from FEMA, totaling approximately $50,000, as most of the losses were recovered by the AllState Insurance. These funds will go back into the maintenance budget, which was where the money was spent from after the windstorm.

Also, Lancaster stated that there had been “two generous donations” from the McGuane Foundation. The foundation gave $30,000 toward the Valley High School baseball field, which was added to the $100,000 they gave last year toward the field and its scoreboard.

Additionally, the McGuane Foundation gave $10,000 toward Valley High School’s Sportsman’s Club. Lancaster stated that the board is “very appreciative” of the foundation’s donations.

Michael McGuane, the founder of the McGuane Foundation, is a graduate of Valley High School who has gone on to become a very successful attorney in the Wheeling area and has made many donations to the schools in the area.