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Sheriff’s Department Acquires New Cruisers

By Staff | Jan 30, 2013

The three new cruisers at the Wetzel County Sheriff’s Department are equipped with all new equipment, such as light bars, radios, cage partitions, in-car cameras, radar units, and optional reverse sensing.

The Wetzel County Sheriff’s Office has received several improvements recently, most notably, three new cruisers. Sheriff John Brookover and Deputies Mike Koontz, Randy Adams, and Donald Bordenkircher were all on hand Tuesday afternoon to show off the sheriff’s department’s newest acquisitions.

Koontz reported that previously equipment has been recycled from one vehicle to another; however, the new, shiny black Fords are equipped with all new equipment, such as light bars, cage partitions, in-car cameras, radar units, optional reverse sensing, and updated radios.

Deputy Adams was particularly enthused with the GPS units that the new cruisers are equipped with, stating that the units will be particularly helpful when transporting prisoners out-of-state. The deputies noted that over the past few years, prisoners have had to have been transported to states such as Florida, Missouri, Georgia, and South Carolina.

The new cruisers have been assigned to deputies Rob Hayes, Adams, and Valley High School’s Prevention Resource Officer Donald Bordenkircher.

Bordenkircher said that he liked his new cruiser, stating, “It’s a new, good handling vehicle with all-wheel-drive. It accommodates all one needs.”

Pictured from left are Deputy Donald Bordenkircher, PRO at Valley High School; Sheriff John Brookover; Deputy Mike Koontz; Deputy Randy Adams; EQT Community Advisor Brittany Carns; Wetzel County Commission President Donald Mason; Commission President Bob Gorby; and Commissioner Larry Lemon.

The sheriff and deputies all expressed immense appreciation to the Wetzel County Commission, present Tuesday afternoon, for their new vehicles.

Commission President Don Mason noted that the commission was “glad to take care of the sheriff’s department.”

EQT Community Advisor Brittany Carns was also on hand Tuesday to present the sheriff’s department with a $1,500 donation. Adams stated the funds would be used to purchase more GPS navigational systems for the sheriff’s department.

Wetzel County Commissioners approved the purchase of the three new police cruisers at their Oct. 16 meeting.

Pictured is EQT Community Advisor Brittany Carns with sheriff’s deputies Mike Koontz and Randy Adams. On Tuesday, Carns presented the Wetzel County Sheriff’s Department with a $1,500 donation, to help them continue purchasing GPS navigational systems. (Photos by Lauren Riggs)