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Citizens Warned Of New Scam Involving Gravel

By Staff | Jan 30, 2013

The Wetzel County Sheriff’s Office was able to confirm Tuesday that an apparent scam took place Monday in the Folsom area.

The suspects, in an unmarked white truck, have been supposedly stopping at Folsom-area houses, offering residents leftover gravel that they wish to dispose of.

In one particular case, the suspects unloaded the gravel and then charged an unsuspecting, elderly man approximately $4,000. When told that he did not have the money, the suspects then followed the man to the bank. The suspects were paid in cash.

Prior to this, the suspects also supposedly stopped at another resident’s house, and after offering free leftover gravel, returned with a dump truck and offered to charge $3 per square foot instead of $6 per square foot. The suspects were turned away at this house. They appear to be targeting elderly people and are also referencing neighbors when stopping at houses.

Sheriff John Brookover and Deputy Mike Koontz report that the truck involved is a white, unmarked truck. Furthermore, the incident has also been reported to the state police. Koontz also advises that if an individual is told that the gravel will be given to them, they do not have to pay for it.

Koontz stated similar scams have occurred in the past, including a “black-top” scam that occurred in the summer.