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Wheel Thefts Reported

By Staff | Jan 16, 2013

Monday morning a resident of the AAA Trailer Court in New Martinsville, on the east side of state Route 2, reported that the entire four tires and a full-size spare tire were taken off of a Jeep Wrangler. New Martinsville Police Investigator Donnie Harris said someone used a jack to lift the vehicle, removed the wheels from Jeep Wrangler, and then left the Jeep on concrete blocks.

“We have no suspects at all at this time,” said Harris. He encouraged anyone who might have any information on the incident to call the police department at 304-455-9100. That would include anyone who has suspicions of a person offering them a deal on custom Jeep rims or tires.

Unfortunately this type of incident is not isolated. On Jan. 10 a similar thing happened to a one-ton truck owned by AAA Homes. Because of that vehicle’s position, the criminal was only able to remove three wheels.

Approximately a year ago there were similar incidences reported in New Martinsville. Harris said that perpetrator was never apprehended. He doesn’t know if it would be the same person or not.

“Anyone out at night who happens to see someone working on their vehicle, don’t assume that they’re changing their tire in the middle of the night, give us a call,” asked Harris. (Photo by Amy Witschey – license plate number removed for privacy)