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Lemon Named Commissioner

By Staff | Jan 9, 2013

Wetzel County Clerk Carol Haught, left, administers the oath of office to Larry Lemon, the newest member of the Wetzel County Commission.

At the Jan. 2 meeting of the Wetzel County Commission, Commission Vice President Bob Gorby, and Commission President, Don Mason, voted to appoint Larry Lemon to the seat of commissioner. This seat had been vacated Dec. 31 when former commissioner Scott Lemley assumed his position of county assessor. He was elected to that position in November.

Five applicants applied for the position of assessor: Cindy Glasscock, Folsom; Eric Yost, Burton; Bill Zills, New Martinsville; Warren Graham, New Martinsville; and Lemon.

Commissioners Mason and Gorby had nothing negative to say about any of the applicants, but noted that both Zills and Graham lived outside of Magisterial District #1, which is Lemley’s district. The commissioners noted though, that all applicants “more than filled the criteria” for the commission seat.

The defining factor appeared to be distance, as well as future commission aspirations. The commissioners stated that the other two first district applicants live “out in the county quite a ways”; also, Lemon had indicted to the commissioners that he “wants to be a full-time commissioner.” Mason found this to be of importance, stating, “We need someone who will be here almost every day.” Also noteworthy, is that Lemon had told the commissioners that he would be on the ballot in 2014 for the commission seat; he had inquired about the position in the summer, which would have been after Lemley had won the primary for his assessor’s position.

Lemon left his position as northern area coordinator for Senator John D. Rockefeller on Dec. 31.

Lemon was present at the commission meeting Jan. 9 when Sheriff John Brookover appeared to discuss compensation days off (CDO) issues. Additionally, Brookover mentioned that in the future he was looking for the sheriff’s department to acquire a secretary and a bailiff. Brookover stated that the secretary would work a day-turn shift, “eight to four, nine to five, something like that.”

Brookover said that in regards to the bailiff, he or she would also perhaps “transport mental hygienes.”

These requests will be formally made in July, due to the beginning of the fiscal budget.

Otherwise, Brookover said “everything seems to be going alright,” in the sheriff’s office. He said deputies are coming up with other policies, and Wetzel County residents have been commenting on the sight of more deputies in the area.

Rosy Cozart appeared next before the commission, with the annual report for the Wetzel County Animal Shelter. Cozart remarked that the Dec. 8 Shelter Auction acquired $3,600 for the shelter and she had also recently received an anonymous $6,000 donation from an individual. Cozart stated that these funds would help with the vet bills, which are approximately $2,000 per month.

The animal shelter annual report is as follows: dogs euthanized, 17; cats euthanized, 25; dogs adopted, 61; cats adopted, 21; dogs to rescue, 187; cats to rescue, 66; dogs returned to owner, 32; cats returned to owner, none; dogs taken in, 314; cats taken in, 119; dogs in approval/foster, none; cats in approval, none; present impounds – dogs, none; present impounds – cats, none; present quarantines – dogs, none ; present quarantines – cats, none.

Finally, new assessor Scott Lemley appeared before the commission, alongside Sandy Nelson, his reappraisal coordinator.

Lemley noted that the New Year had started off well in the office. He stated that a staff meeting was held Jan. 2, 7:30 a.m., and that he felt the meeting “went very positively.”

“Some things I changed,” he stated. “I’d say minor things, such as the way paperwork is kept and such.” Lemley also had all assessor employees sign the employee handbook. He stated that two were outstanding but most had been signed.