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Voters Pass Levy

By Staff | Dec 19, 2012

Wetzel County voters Friday renewed a levy that nets the school district about $5.68 million each year, but overall turnout for the special election was low.

The levy passed with a vote total of 1,016 to 333, and it will generate $28.4 million over the next five years.

A total of 1,349 residents cast ballots in Wetzel County, which has 12,777 registered voters. This represented a voter turnout of just 10.5 percent.

Wetzel County elections workers reported no problems with Friday’s special election.

“We thank everyone for their continued support,” said Linda Kirk, a member of the Wetzel County Schools Board of Education. “It’s been over 50 years – they started the levy back in the 1960s when they consolidated the schools, and the people have supported it ever since. That’s remarkable.”

Under the levy, taxpayers will pay 22.95 cents per $100 of assessed value for Class I properties; 45.9 cents per $100 in value for Class II properties; and 91.8 cents per $100 in value for Class III and IV properties.

Wetzel County will spend the resulting funds in the following ways:

– $2 million for capital improvements and facility upgrades;

– $1.57 million for salary supplements and substitute costs;

– $700,000 for additional salary supplements;

– $260,000 for extra duty positions, including athletic coaches;

– $250,000 to provide employee dental and optical care;

– $100,000 for unfunded mandated positions;

– $300,000 for technology upgrades;

– $200,000 for equipment, supplies and books;

– $65,000 for academic and athletic trips;

– $20,000 for duplicating equipment;

– $100,000 for special services;

– $100,000 for new school buses; and

– $16,000 for library services.

The vote will be canvassed Thursday.