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Students Show Appreciation To First Responders

By Staff | Dec 12, 2012

Pictured is just one of the many cards given to Wetzel County first responders by Hundred area students as part of the Governor’s Day to Serve, which took place in September.

The Wetzel County Sheriff’s Department, along with other local emergency responders, recently received notes of thanks from local Hundred-area school children as part of the Governor’s Day to Serve, which was held in September. Some students submitted hand-written letters of appreciation to responders, whereas others showed their gratitude through colorful hand-made thank you cards.

Sheriff Mike Koontz was eager to show-off the artwork and letters of the area students. “I thought they were very nice,” he said of the greetings. “Who doesn’t like to know occasionally that they are appreciated? It’s nice to know children think that way.”

Hundred High School Principal Jessica Stine said of the project, “We participated in the cards for first responders by request of the governor. Students in art (class) did artwork on the fronts of the cards while students in English wrote thank you notes inside. We mailed these to the governor who distributed them on Sept. 29.”

Hundred High School students all expressed appreciation to first responders, and further gratitude in being able to participate in the project. One Hundred High School student, who wished to remain anonymous, said of the project, “Writing to the first responders was a pleasure. It gave us students the chance to speak our minds and thank these wonderful people who protect us.”

“My pap is a veteran from the Vietnam War, so he was my motivation,” reported HHS student Haley Moore. “He is such a respectable man and is there for anyone and everyone when possible. He is truly an inspiration.”

Pictured is the inside of the American flag card, also pictured for this story.

“One cannot put enough importance on the first responders of our fine nation,” said Alex Jones. “They are the backbone, the supporters of this country. When everything falls apart they are there to put it back together. I fully support our supporters of the United States, and I thank all first responders.”

Student Elizabeth Woodruff found the project to be easy, stating, “When our English teacher, Mr. Pollock, asked us to write what and why our first responders were so meaningful to us, to me it was easy. They are the first to get there in a fire or any kind of natural disaster. They protect us and keep us out of harm.”

Students Emily Ebert and Hanna Metz also gave feedback on their letters and cards of thanks, with Ebert emphasizing the impact that first responders have on their communities and Metz speaking of her own hopes of becoming a first responder. “I chose to thank the first responders because without them we would have been lost. They have so many services for country that no amount of thanks could ever be enough,” said Ebert. Metz reported, “I wrote a letter to the first responders because I myself want to be a first responder in the medical field. Without them tragedies would be worse and the wounded would be helpless.”

Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin and First Lady Joanne Jaeger Tomblin thanked all West Virginians who organized and participated in service projects as part of today’s Governor’s Day to Serve. Over 420 projects, focused on community improvement, took place in all 55 counties.

“By volunteering your time and talents, you can experience immense personal growth while strengthening your community and ensuring a brighter future for our state,”

Pictured are some of the cards that were given to the Wetzel County Sheriff’s Department as part of the Governor’s Day to Serve. The cards thanked all area first responders.

Gov. Tomblin said. “Joanne and I extend our sincerest appreciation to everyone who volunteered today, including my staff, as well as those who organized service projects throughout our state. Thank you for a job well done!”