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Drug Suspect Sentenced In Alabama, To Serve That First

By Staff | Dec 12, 2012

According to Wetzel County Prosecuting Attorney Timothy Haught, Larry Michael Anderson, who was arrested for attempting to deliver oxycodone in the New Martinsville Villas, has been remanded by the court in Marion County, Alabama, to serve a 10-year sentence.

Anderson, 49, of Carbon Hill Alabama, was indicted by the May 2012 grand jury in Wetzel County Circuit Court. He was charged with one count of attempted delivery of oxycodone, along with two counts of possession of oxycodone, with intent to deliver. All these offenses are to have occurred on April 14.

A concerned citizen had reported Anderson to the New Martinsville Police, and Anderson was subsequently arrested by Patrolman Dave Howell. Haught reports that Anderson had two prescription bottles of oxycodone which originally contained 420 pills. Haught reported, “The physician who prescribed this medication has since been suspended from the practice of medicine in Alabama for running a “pill mill.”

Haught further adds that he has lodged a detainer on Mr. Anderson so that upon serving his sentence in Alabama, he can be extradited to West Virginia to stand trial for his charges here.

In Wetzel County Circuit Court on June 29, the court was alerted to the fact that a mental hygiene petition had been filed against Anderson, who had travelled to North Carolina and was admitted to an institution. A capias was then issued for Anderson’s arrest. On Sept. 12, that capias was continued.

Haught reported that Anderson was apprehended in North Carolina and then transferred to Alabama.