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Home Confinement Possible For Pyles

By Staff | Nov 28, 2012

Alex Wayne Pyles

Alex Wayne Pyles, 24, of HC 60 Box 99, Valley Manor Apt. 14, Pine Grove, who is charged with two counts of sexual assault, perhaps may be released onto home confinement as soon as Friday, if Judge Mark A. Karl agrees to the release.

The hearing in Wetzel County Circuit Court Tuesday was a follow up to a Nov. 5 hearing which brought up several important matters in the case, the largest perhaps being the ongoing issue of bond.

Hearings had been held on this specific matter on both July 16 and July 31.

At the first hearing, a juvenile witness was called to the stand by Paul.

The alleged victim stated that she was threatened by Pyles who said that upon his release from prison, he would harm her. The victim stated that though she never had direct contact with Pyles, she talked to him through Facebook and texting. She was not directly threatened by Pyles, but had heard rumors through those close to her that he had threatened her.

At the July 31 hearing another juvenile witness was called to the stand by Paul. This witness had stated that upon walking home from school one day, Pyles approached her and said that if he went to jail, he would kill her cousin.

Since the two hearings, the issue of bond had been set aside due to a a psychological examination Pyles had undergone by Fremow-Sigley Psychological Associates of Morgantown, W.Va. At the Nov. 5 hearing, Judge Karl had declared that the results of the examination showed that Pyles, besides being competent to stand trial, was also criminally responsible for his actions.

At Tuesday’s hearing, Hart stuck by his previous assertion. He declared there was no circumstantial evidence to prove that Pyles did in fact make the alleged threats.

Karl then declared that he was going to pass the matter until Nov. 30, 1:15 p.m. He added he was inclined to let Pyles out on home confinement, as he had been a charge on Wetzel County for several months. However, he warned Pyles he would be back in “an orange uniform,” if there were complaints. If Pyles is released on home confinement, he will be ordered to wear a monitoring device and will reside with his grandmother in Moundsville.