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Hundred Obtains New Police Cruiser

By Staff | Nov 20, 2012

Hundred Police Chief Clay Lunceford welcomes a new Ford Explorer cruiser.

After patrolling Hundred during an interim period in his own vehicle, Hundred Police Chief Clay Lunceford now has a new Ford Explorer from which to survey the town.

Maintaining its sleek profile, the emergency lights are all installed within the vehicle. Yet they provide plenty of light for safety and notification purposes. “It works well,” Lunceford told council at Monday’s council meeting.

At the Oct. 15 meeting of council the body approved the purchase and installation of a cage behind the front seats, creating a safe barrier between Lunceford and any passengers. It was installed by Miller Communications at a total cost of $840.

Since scrap prices are down, the old, junk, cruiser was sold to Terrell Greathouse for $250.

In another matter, Hundred Council set the annual Christmas Parade for Dec. 15. It will begin from the town park at 6 p.m. and proceed to Hundred High School where Santa Claus will meet with children to hear their Christmas wishes.

Continuing with holiday cheer, council voted to grant more than the usual Christmas bonuses. This year full-time city employees will receive $300 and part-time employees will get $200. This is a $50 increase from years past.

Council also set their annual Christmas dinner for Dec. 17 at 5:30 p.m. The covered dish affair will be held at the senior center. This is in place of their usual third Monday council meeting.

Recorder Sherry Hayes reported that the town’s Commercial Insurance premium is increasing by $827.41. For 2012 it was $8,927.83 but for 2013 it will be $9,755.24. The company handles both their property and workers compensation insurance. Hayes said the increase is because of a pending workers compensation case against the city.

Also on Monday, council opened audit bids for fiscal years 2012-2014. “They won’t come in here and audit us until 2014,” said Hayes, but said the state is making them procure the bid now.

The bids, per fiscal year, were as follows: Allman and Associates, $1,500; Perry and Associates, $1,850; Teed and Associates, $1,950; and Bennett and Dobbins declined to bid on the job.

Council tabled the matter in order to go through the ranking process, which is necessary before a job can be awarded.

Finally, Hayes noted the city crew fixed the holes in the blacktop at the Lillian Apartments. They will calculate the cost of the repair and bill the owner who had previously agreed to pay for the work.

Attending Monday’s meeting were Hayes and councilmembers Johanna Lemasters, Brian Bartlett, and Keith Williams, who was appointed to council at the Oct. 15 meeting.