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Hurricane Sandy Spares Wetzel

By Staff | Oct 31, 2012
Photo of a scene on top of Proctor Hill by state Route 89 provided by Sharon Howell, a follower of the Wetzel Chronicle on Facebook.
Christena Wilcox took this snow photo in Mobley.
While this may not be the best quality photo, we appreciate Justin Gregory’s photo of Doolin Road as it shows that there was actually snow on the roadway. This was taken approximately nine miles from New Martinsville.
This photo from the Doolin Run area came from Dawn Tiefenbach.

While other parts of the eastern United States were hit hard by Hurricane Sandy Monday and Tuesday, Wetzel County saw little ill effects from her. She simply brought some rain, average winds, and some snow to the local area.

The Wetzel County Office of Emergency Management said they did not know of any problems attributed to the weather. While Wetzel County Schools operated on a two-hour delay Tuesday, Director of Transportation Brian Jones said it was a precautionary measure. They monitored the water level near Jacksonburg, where it often covers state Route 20, and he said, “It is not a threat at all.” Similarly, the river level was acting as predicted, not reaching a flood stage.