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Neighborhood Watch Forms In Paden City

By Staff | Oct 24, 2012

Concerned citizens in Paden City Held an organizational Neighborhood Watch meeting on Oct. 16. A discussion was held on the crimes occurring in Paden City and surrounding communities in both Tyler and Wetzel counties. Also discussed was the value of establishing a Neighborhood Watch Program.

Present at the meeting were Tyler County Sheriff Bob Kendle, Paden City Police Chief Mike Kelly, and nine concerned citizens of Paden City. The sheriff and police chief discussed types of crimes taking place in Paden City and the surrounding areas.

Sheriff Kendle described types of illegal drugs and the effects they have on “users” and crimes that are committed as a result, The illegal drug problem is escalating in all areas in and around both counties and beyond.

Chief Kelly states, “The job of keeping ahead of the crime calls we are receiving are simply overwhelming.” Kelly told the group that the help from the citizens involved in a Neighborhood Watch Program would be welcomed.

The organization of Neighborhood Watches are set up in many cities across the country to address immediate crime problems, focus on home security, and build neighborhood cohesion. Crime and fear of crime threaten a community’s well being.

You and your neighbors can prevent or break this vicious cycle, and in the process, build the community into a safer, friendlier, and more caring place to live. Police and sheriffs’ departments in cities, small towns, and suburbs throughout the country report substantial decreases in crime and fear because of local crime prevention efforts.

Organizers ask that the public please consider joining this organization. They are still in the planning stages and would like for the community to become involved in the process. In short, they need your help in this effort to, as one person in the group expressed, “Take our town back.”

The next organizational meeting will be held in the City of Paden City Building complex, Nov. 1, at 10 a.m.

Mike Turner will present the five steps to starting a neighborhood watch and the rolls of citizens as members.

For more information contact Mike Turner, 304-337-2326; Barbara Hopkins, 304-337-8742; Ed Parsons, 304-771-9373.