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Body Found At Laundromat

By Staff | Oct 10, 2012

New Martinsville Police believe drugs were involved in the death of a person discovered Thursday in the restroom at the Park Laundromat in New Martinsville. However, they don’t believe customers of the business need to be concerned about patronizing the local facility. (Photo by Bruce Crawford)

Detective Donnie Harris from the New Martinsville City Police Department confirmed Tuesday that a body was found last week in the Park Laundromat, located at 226 McEldowney Avenue in New Martinsville. Harris confirmed that the body of a male, approximately 24 years old, was found in the bathroom of the facility. The incident occurred Thursday afternoon at approximately 3 p.m. Harris stated the deceased is “not originally from the area.” Also, investigators do believe drugs were involved, contributing to the death.

Harris says the incident occurred in the bathroom. “The person had gone in the bathroom and had been in there for a while,” Harris said, “so they called, concerned about him.” Harris did not say whether the call was placed by a person who was with the deceased, or by another person in the laundromat. Harris did say the incident should not deter people from going to Park Laundromat.

Harris said the body has been sent for an autopsy and the investigation is still ongoing.