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Court Issues Capias Warrants For Defendants

By Staff | Sep 19, 2012

A capias continues this term for Steven E. Straight, 55, of 10495 Mason Dixon Highway, Burton, who faces one-count said to have occurred on or about April 26, 2009, wherein Straight allegedly committed the felony offense of possession of a controlled substance (marijuana) with intent to deliver in that he did unlawfully possess with intent to deliver, a Schedule I controlled substance.

A capias warrant also continues for Paul Junior Chase, 63, formerly of 3500 Main Street, Pine Grove, and more recently of 229 Summit Drive, Apt. D, Salineville, Ohio, who faces a one-count indictment charging him with the felony offense of delivery of a controlled narcotic substance (Hydrocodone) in that on or about April 16, 2010, Chase allegedly delivered Hydrocodone, a Schedule II controlled narcotic substance, in Wetzel County.

A capias continued for Larry Michael Anderson, 49, of 712 East Main St., Wheeling, W.Va. Anderson had received a three-count felony drug indictment. He is charged with one count attempted delivery of a controlled narcotic substance (oxycodone) and two counts of possession of a controlled narcotic substance (oxycodone) with intent to deliver. All offenses are to have occurred on April 14 in New Martinsville.

A capias also continues for Shaun Michael Haslam, 29, of 37235 Fifth Avenue, Sardis. In January, Haslam was handed two, two-count indictments by grand jurors.

In his first indictment, Haslam is charged with forgery and uttering for allegedly forging and employing as true a check in the amount of $421.

In his second indictment Haslam is charged with delivery of a controlled substance (Percocet) for allegedly delivering the Schedule II controlled substance on or about Sept. 12 in New Martinsville. And on or about the same date, count two of that indictment says he committed the misdemeanor offense of driving revoked for DUI for operating a motor vehicle on state Route 2 in New Martinsville when his privilege to do so had been suspended or revoked for DUI.

Lastly, a capias warrant continues for Skilar B. Campbell, 20, of 140 Cox Street, New Martinsville.

On Nov. 7, 2011, Campbell pleaded guilty to one count of the felony offense of conspiracy to commit breaking and entering. During the month of March 2011, Campbell allegedly conspired with Michael T. Yost, 33, of 639 James Street, New Martinsville, to commit breaking and entering in Wetzel County.

In the case involving Mark Levi Blake, Defense Attorney Kevin Neiswonger reported that there is a possible plea in the future. Neiswonger reported that Paul received information from jail and, in principle, a plea exists, but there are other issues popping up. In response, Judge Mark A. Karl set a return date for Sept. 21, 10 a.m.

In another matter, Larry Virgil Watson, III, 20, of HC 61 Box 95B, Littleton, reported to court alongside his attorney, David White, who requested a trial date later in the September term. White estimated that the trial would last one to one and one half days. Judge Karl set the trial date for Dec. 10, 9 a.m.

On Jan. 17, 2011, Watson was handed a one-count indictment for the felony offense of manufacturing a controlled substance (marijuana) wherein on or about Sept. 27, 2010, in Wetzel County, he manufactured, by cultivation, marijuana, a Schedule I controlled substance.

Timothy John Judge, 31, of Box 132, Friendly, appeared in court alongside his appointed attorney, Jeremiah Gardner, for his sentencing. Prosecuting Attorney Timothy Haught stated the state’s recommendation is that Judge be imprisoned for one to five years in the West Virginia Penitentiary for Men. Haught stated this recommendation is largely based on Judge’s prior criminal record, including charges in Pleasants County.

Gardner responded that Judge’s crime for sentencing is a technical crime; he stated that Judge meant no harm. Gardner added that Judge is currently gainfully employed and pays child support. Gardner argued that by Judge being sentenced to prison, he would be unable to pay child support. Gardner also presented a letter in Judge’s favor from his employer employer to both Karl and the prosecution.

Karl stated he wished to have time to think on the issue; he set a return date for Sept. 28, 10 a.m.

Judge pleaded guilty to failing to register as a sex offender or provide a change in information to the West Virginia State Police in Wetzel County by knowingly failing or refusing to report his move to a new address.

The state agreed to drop count two, knowingly failing or refusing to report a new vehicle or change in vehicle.

Charles Robert Wells, 46, of Post Office Box 53, Proctor, appeared in court alongside his attorney, Neiswonger, where the prosecution argued to revoke Wells’ bond. Haught stated that Wells had recently received two more charges, one being third offense domestic battery. Judge Karl stated he would let Wells go for now, but gave Wells a stern warning, telling him “Do not toy with me.”

Summer Sellers Riley, 29, of 187 North State Route 2, Villa Apartments, also made a court appearance. Neiswonger reported that the case was previously going to go to trial, but there had been a conflict with a person from the crime lab. Neiswonger reported that since then, Haught had provided him with additional information. Karl set a return date for Sept. 21, 10 a.m.

On Feb. 7 Riley pleaded innocent to her one count indictment for felony delivery of a controlled substance (oxycodone), an offense which is alleged to have been committed on Sept. 10, 2011, in New Martinsville.

In the case involving Samuel Arthur Wade, 33, of Route 1, Box 69, Folsom, it was decided that there would be a discovery conference. In addition, Paul reported that Wade had been arrested for intimidating the alleged victim in the case. Judge Karl sternly told Wade that he was to have no contact with the victim. A return date for Wade has been set for Sept. 28, 10 a.m.

Counts one, four, and seven of Wade’s indictment state that at some point between Nov. 1 and Dec. 26, 2010, Wade allegedly committed the felony offense of sexual assault in the second degree. Counts two, five, and eight charge Wade with the felony offense of incest. Counts three and six charge Wade with sexual abuse by a custodian.

Charles Scott Moore, 27, of 187 North State Route 2, Apt. B203, New Martinsville, appeared in court as well on Wednesday, where Paul reported that an agreement had been reached in the case; all that was needed was a date. Thus, it was agreed upon that Moore would return on Sept. 25, 10 a.m.

In May, Moore was given a 10-count indictment by the grand jury. Counts one through 10 allege that Moore unlawfully, intentionally, knowingly, and feloniously engaged in sexual intercourse with a female child who was less than 16 years old, was at least four years younger than the defendant, and was not married to the defendant. Moore is charged with five counts of sexual assault in the third degree and five counts of sexual abuse by a custodian.

The prosecution stated that they were dismissing the charges, with prejudice, against Wilson Scott Longwell, 21, of Rt. 1, Box 204, New Martinsville, as the alleged victim in the case was not being cooperative. A separate case against Longwell, 12-F-55, has been passed until Sept. 28, 10 a.m.

Longwell received a two-count indictment for conspiracy to commit first degree robbery and first degree robbery. The charges stem from an incident to have occurred on July 8, 2011, when he allegedly conspired with Justin Raymond Wyatt and Jonathan Jones to commit first degree robbery against Maverick Ray Stewart of New Martinsville.

A separate, four-count indictment charges Longwell with conspiracy, nighttime burglary, commission of a felony, and malicious assault for events that occurred on or about Dec. 21, 2011.

Joshua E. Mylar, 23, of 133 South First Avenue, Paden City, appeared alongside his court appointed counsel, Gardner, where it was determined that he would plea in both his Tyler and Wetzel County cases. Mylar will plea in Wetzel County, Sept. 28, 10 a.m. Mylar is charged with allegedly manufacturing a controlled substance in that he intentionally and unlawfully cultivated marijuana in Wetzel County.