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Pine Grove Approves Two Projects

By Staff | Sep 12, 2012


Staff Writer

Pine Grove Town Council held their monthly meeting Monday evening. The July 9 meeting’s minutes were read by Recorder Kimberly Bates and approved by council members.

Council member Brian Price stated that four to five of the city’s street lights are out. He stated he would get the numbers of the light poles with the non-functioning lights and would relay the information to Bates.

In other news, Price reported that the city’s garbage truck is in dire need of repairs. Price reported the truck will be taken to a garage in Clarksburg Sept. 18. Approval was given by council to pay the costs necessary for the truck repairs.

Two new projects, totaling approximately $40,000 were approved by city council members. One is titled Water Treatment Plant Motor Control Center Replacement. This project, which costs approximately $23,500, will replace the control center that provides power to the WTP.

The second project, titled WTP control replacement proposal, will replace the control panel at the the WTP that contains the relay switches and lights required to run the plant. This project costs approximately $17,000.

In other Pine Grove Council news, an allotted $25 will be given monthly to city workers who use personal cell phones for city business. This should help to pay for the minutes that the city workers use from their phones.

Finance reports were accepted for the months of June, July, and August, and approval was given to pay the month’s bills.