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Library Will Host Furbee

By Staff | Sep 12, 2012

Dr. Jack Furbee holds a copy of his book, “Growing Up Appalachian in the Van Camp community of Wetzel County, W.Va.”, by the Van Camp historical marker along state Route 180. Furbee worked to get the community official historical status, along with the marker. Furbee will speak at the New Martinsville Public Library on?Sept. 26.

Dr. Jack Wayne Furbee’s book Growing Up Appalachian will be featured at the Friends of the Library noon meeting on Sept. 26 at the New Martinsville Public Library.

Furbee was born on Bernan Hill in the Van Camp community on state Route 180 around three miles southeast from New Martinsville. His story includes the pre-Civil War history of his childhood community and how life was between 1930 and 1960.

He describes the milking, herding, and butchering on the farm and how the family managed to have electricity in rural West Virginia and keep the house warm in winter. Places such as the Big Barn, Little Barn, Lowgap, and the Point come to life as he learns to ride horses, mules, cows, and a pony in his younger years. Many a memorable occasion like sleeping in the manger on Christmas Eve and bathing in shifts in a tub kept hot from water in a teakettle make this an interesting and authentic West Virginia story.

While that is true, Furbee believes many can relate to his book and experiences. “The emotions in the book are international. You don’t have to be from West Virginia,” Furbee said. “It’s a human interest story, and emotions know no boundaries. . . The Depression was the Depression everywhere. World War II was World War II everywhere. All of those are in the story.”

For more information, Furbee can be reached at jckfrb@gmail.com.

The author will be pleased to sign copies of his book. The public is welcome and light refreshments will be served.