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Board Approves Routine Matters

By Staff | Sep 5, 2012

The following routine matters met the approval of Wetzel County Board of Education at Monday night’s meeting:

Jeff and Elizabeth Hiestand were given permission for their children, Samantha Heistand and Tyler Hiestand, to continue attending Wetzel County Schools (New Martinsville School) for the 2012-2013 school year, pending release from Marshall County Schools.

Also, Chris and Denise Neff were given permission for their children, Amber Neff, Aubrey Neff, and Isaac Neff, to attend Wetzel County Schools (Paden City High School and Paden City Elementary) for the 2012-2013 school year, pending release from Tyler County Schools.

Jill R. Smith was given permission for her children, Kyler E. Wade and Kobe N. Wade, to attending Wetzel County Schools (Paden City Elementary and Paden City High School for the 2012-2013 school year.

In another matter, Christopher and Tanya Jackson were given permission for their sons, Ashton, Isaac, and Gabriel Jackson, to be released from Wetzel County Schools (Paden City Elementary) to continue attending Tyler County Schools for the 2012-2013 school year.

In another matter, approval was given to declare the following surplus property and sold by sealed bid: 1999 Blue Bird, 89 passenger Bus #32

Approval was given to accept funding provided by the Senators from the Second Senatorial District of West Virginia at the following schools: Hundred High School, $3,000; Paden City High School, $3,000; Magnolia High School, $3,000; Long Drain School, $3,000; Long Drain School, $3,000; Short Line School, $3,000; Paden City Elementary, $3,000; New Martinsville School, $3,000.

The board also gave approval to the following groups/organizations, to raise funds, per recommendation of the superintendent, per advisement of the board’s legal counsel: New Martinsville School 7/8 Volleyball, NMS 7/8 Girls’ Basketball, NMS 7/8 Boys’ Basketball, NMS 7/8 Girls’ Track, NMS 7/8 Boys’ Track, NMS 7/8 Wrestling, NMS 7/8 Band, NMS 7/8 Choir.

An approval of a waiver was also given to County Policy GCBAB-R to include Seventh and Eighth Grade Girls’ Volleyball Coach(es), 7/8th Grade Wrestling and Assistant Wrestling Coach(es), and 7/8th Grade Assistant Football Coach positions at New Martinsville School for the 2012-13 school year at no expense to the county or school. These positions will be funded entirely by the boosters and/or parents of students at New Martinsville School.

Approval was also given to Paul Huston, principal at Long Drain School, for Little Hornet Basketball to use Long Drain School for the purposes of their fall basketball program.

Rhonda Fiest was given permission to take students from Magnolia High School to the Benedum Center in Pittsburgh, Pa., between the dates of Sept. 4 and Sept. 23, depending upon ticket availability, to attend a performance of the Broadway show Jersey Boys. This trip is funded through student fees.

Approval was given to the course objectives for the Psychology/Sociology online course through the West Virginia Virtual School.

Finally, approval was given for the following chaperones and volunteers for Magnolia for the 2012-2013 School Year: Jennifer Archer, Craig Archer, William Don Blake, Frances Blake, Teresa Bogumil, Jeffrey Bogumil, Cindy Boughner, John Boughner, James Brown, Tammy Buchanan, Dwight Buchanan, April Daugherty, Bill Daugherty, Christina Davis, Timothy Davis, Christy Deem, Dale Deem, Fred Emch, Leslie Emch, Bryan Ensinger, Frank Grilli, Liz Harshberger, Dave Harshberger, Frannie Herrick, Michael Herrick, Pam Hoskins, Larry Hoskins, Yvonne Kellar, Daniel Kellar, Melissa Lancaster, Melissa Lockhart, Brian Lockhart, Jim Longwell, Tina Longwell, Charles McIlvain, Jennifer McIlvain, Robert Miller, Susie Miller, Herb Miller, Jennifer Miller, James Miller, Cheryl Murdock, Chuck Murdock, Dawn Myers, Rick Myers, Debbie Newman, Dean Newman, Mary Ritz, Todd Ritz, Debbie Roberts, Mark Roberts, Rachel Rose, Brent Smith, Barb Theodora, William White, Lisa White, Dot Wiley, Brenda Wright, and Charles Wright.

Zachary Watson was approved as a chaperone for Hundred High School for the 2012-2013 school year.