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WCEMS Makes Plans For Relocation

By Staff | Aug 15, 2012

Jim Colvin, president of the Wetzel County Ambulance Authority, appeared before the Wetzel County Commission Aug. 8 to update them on activity concerning the possible purchase and relocation of the squad in New Martinsville.

Colvin emphasizes that the project has been ongoing since October 2010. The ambulance authority was approached by a company to purchase the EMS property at 1023 Third Street. The company also wanted to purchase the rest of the property on the block, going northward. Colvin reports that the company represents an undisclosed client and a right to purchase agreement has been made with every property owner involved, including the ambulance authority. “We have a current agreement with them, with the option to purchase,” he said. Colvin further stated that the intention is “to close on that right to purchase by the end of September.”

If all goes as planned, Colvin said, “We will be relocating to property between the 911 center and the hospital, on property the county commission is allowing us to use. We’ll be building up there. . .It’s going to take a few months.” Colvin also states that the company is wanting to rent a trailer for the ambulance authority to use as their office, in the existing location, for up to 150 days. This allows the main structure of the building to be torn down for construction to begin, while the ambulance authority would still use the garages to house the ambulances.

“This is not a done deal until the agreement is signed and closed,” Colvin stresses. He states that he thinks this will happen by the end of September, but if it doesn’t close, “We’ll stay right where we are.”

In other matters, Jamison Talkington of Bayer Heritage Federal Credit Union appeared before the commission to request the commission sign on with the credit union as a preferred partner. Talkington spoke of the many perks the county employees could receive after signing up at the credit union. For instance, employees could receive the special interest rate of 1.99 percent on loans until the end of October.

They could also receive a special coupon which they could use in the future to receive a small reduction on interest rates.

Talkington said becoming a preferred partner would “open many opportunities” for the county. She stated that she could do seminars on retirements, loans, and more.

All commissioners expressed interest in becoming preferred partners with the credit union, but wished to speak with all elected county officials before making a decision.