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Shooting Victim Released

By Staff | Aug 8, 2012

While officers continue working toward an arrest, the victim from the July 29 Littleton shooting was released from the Morgantown area hospital on Sunday and is recovering, reports Sergeant J.E. Shriver of the West Virginia State Police.

The shooting happened on the old railroad tracks in north Littleton, which is now used as a road. This road runs parallel to U.S. Route 250. The victim, Nicholas E. Spencer of Massachusetts and who was in the area visiting family, was talking to one of the subjects in the vehicle, believed to be a red Chevrolet Monte Carlo or Ford Thunderbird. As Spencer was headed back to the residence he was visiting, an African-American male had exited the car and followed him, then fired two to three rounds out of a small caliber pistol at the victim, striking him in the torso area. The injuries were reportedly to his the liver, chest, and back.

The suspect who fired the shots then went back to his vehicle, which contained at least three other subjects. As the vehicle was leaving, at least four more rounds were fired out of the car from its location at the railroad tracks, toward the residence. The car left the area and the victim was taken by helicopter to a Morgantown hospital.

Shriver states a couple of pistols in the Hundred area were recovered after the shooting occurred. They are waiting to be sent to the lab to be tested with the shell casings that were found at the scene. Shriver reports that one main issue in the case right now is the fact that law enforcement is having a rough time trying to match nicknames of the suspects, who have been tracked to the Pennsylvania area, with proper names. “We have some ‘aka’ names, nicknames. . .We just need to cross reference faces with nicknames with proper names. And going through another police agency through another state makes it a slow process.” Sergeant Shriver adds that another issue involves witnesses that were in the area and at the residence the night the incident occurred. Shriver says law enforcement is receiving conflicting stories from them.

Shriver confirmed the motive for the shooting was drug-related, but he will not state who was the target-whether it was the victim, the owner of the house, or someone else at the house. He says some “pretty decent information” will be released eventually. “We are just trying to piece the pieces of the puzzle together, the pictures. . . It just takes time.”

He further explains, “We have some more leads we are looking into. I have a detective coming down from Pennsylvania who has some information for me. We’ve got to narrow it down to some major players involved. It’s just names with faces. . . It’s a big area we are dealing with.”

Shriver reports that he is 100 percent sure that an arrest will be made, but how many arrests is yet to be determined. “We’ve been working on it every day since it happened, 8-4 and 4 to midnight. . .We’ll get it; there’s no doubt in my mind that Corporal W.D. Henderson will make an arrest.

“Just to reiterate to the public, this is believed to be an isolated incident, nothing random. We believe the suspects had a target they were going after and knew where they were going. There should be no concern to the area or the surrounding areas.”

Shriver also encourages the public to call in with any information they might have regarding the shooting. “We’ve been receiving tips, information, and leads daily since this happened, and we’ve been checking in to each one of them. Any small thing people may have seen, call us. Something small to them could be a casebreaker to us.”

If you have information, call the Hundred detachment of the West Virginia State Police at 304-775-4488.