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Commission Meets

By Staff | Jul 24, 2012

Betty Hartline of the Department of Health and Human Resources appeared before the Wetzel County Commission Tuesday morning to speak about the new community service program from WV Works that is available for the county commission.

WV Works states that “Community Service Programs are those structured programs in which WV WORKS participants perform work for the direct benefit of the community through public or nonprofit organizations. This could include public or private volunteer organizations.

“Community Service is limited to projects that serve a useful community purpose in fields such as health, social service, environmental protection, education, urban, and rural redevelopment, welfare, recreation, public facilities, public safety, and child care.”

Hartline states that currently there are possibly 100 families in Wetzel County that are a part of this program. Participants are insured through state medical insurance and have a medical card; participants also receive a monthly cash assistance benefit.

All commissioners appeared to approve of the concept of entering into a community service program, but first wanted to speak with their counsel involving possible worker’s composition issues.

In another matter, Jennifer Stephens of River High School requested a possible reduction in the fees to use the Mollohan Center for River High School’s homecoming. Because of renovations currently being done to the school, there is no room at the school to hold the dance. Stephens stated that the center would need to be used for two nights, Friday and Saturday. The fee to use the Mollohan Center is currently $150. The commissioners voted to waive the fee for the first night’s use.

The commissioners also approved the use of the courthouse portico for a Tea Party rally on Sept. 8, 4 p.m.