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Pine Grove Thanks Those Who Helped After Storm

By Staff | Jul 11, 2012

At Monday’s meeting, Pine Grove city council members praised the Emergency Medical Services, National Guard, Red Cross, fire departments, and other emergency responders regarding their response and outreach after last week’s storm. Mayor David Barr stated that a “big thank you” went to all them.

Regardless to rumors that appeared on social media, Barr reported that there were never any plans to turn the city’s water off. He furthers commended the community for their response to the rumors, saying that “People did really well,” and that they did not panic and thus, use all of the water before a generator could be brought in to run their pumps.

In another matter, Barr gave a quick update regarding the ongoing construction of the city’s sewer plant.

Barr stated that the sewer plant is coming along and, after construction is finished, there are plans to pour four inches of concrete on parts where the street was dug up, followed by two inches of concrete on the rest of the street. This is a difference from the first plan of pouring eight inches of concrete only where the street was dug up. Barr said that this new plan is cost effective and will work. He also stated that no one is hooked up to the new system yet and he confirmed that while Cowgirl Up began their part of the work in April, Mitchell Inc. did not begin their work on the plant improvements until June 15, possibly later.

The council members also gave approval to a resolution to support the utilization of local workers in the construction of pipelines, drilling, and processing of natural gas from Marcellus Shale. This resolution states that, “The Pine Grove Town Council finds that the employment of residents from the local area for the drilling, transporting, and processing of the gas from Marcellus Shale could have a very positive impact on our rate of unemployment and raise the standard of living in Wetzel County.”

The resolution also states that the council requests that companies engaged in activities related to Marcellus Shale drilling contact the Mayor’s Office if a lack of qualified contractors or workers exist.

This would give the council the opportunity to assist in providing a skilled labor force to the fullest extent possible.