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Frontier Generators Reported Stolen

By Staff | Jul 11, 2012

Thieves have stolen six generators from Frontier Communications facilities in Wetzel County since a powerful storm struck the region on June 29, and the thefts are hindering local recovery efforts, said Bill Moon, general manager for Frontier in the Wheeling area.

“These criminals are placing Wetzel County residents in harm’s way, depriving them of essential services during an emergency situation,” Moon said. “We are asking anyone who sees this criminal activity to report it to police or call Frontier’s toll-free tip line.” Frontier’s toll-free tip line is 1-800-590-6605.

Frontier uses gasoline- and diesel-powered generators and batteries to power its networks when commercial power is unavailable, Moon said. The thefts are affecting Frontier’s ability to operate its facilities during the emergency, he added.

“Frontier employees are working hard to restore service, but the theft of generators has become a significant problem for us,” Moon said. “We will continue to work with law enforcement to apprehend those whose crimes are depriving our customers of the service they depend on.”

More information about Frontier Communications is available at www.frontier.com.