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Poole Honored To Be Wileyville’s Grand Marshall

By Staff | Jul 3, 2012

Goldie Poole

“This is a surprise that you all choose me for grand marshall. I love and thank you all,” Goldie Poole says to those who chose her to be this year’s grand marshall of the Wileyville Homecoming parade July 14, 10:30 a.m.

Poole, a 90-year-old resident of New Martinsville, is originally from the Wileyville area. Having grown up on Fairview Ridge in an old log cabin with no running water or electric, Poole says she worked on the farm, “like a man”. She stated, “You name it, I did it.” When asked what her favorite chore was, Poole answers that it was probably picking berries.

Poole also attended a one-room school house with 20-some other children, where she says that she had “all good teachers from Wetzel County.” Poole recalls excelling at spelling and arithmetic and participating in several spelling and arithmetic bees.

Although Wileyville’s grand marshall somewhat misses the simpler days, she says that you have to “adjust to things.” And although there have been plenty of changes, one aspect of life that has not changed for Poole is her answer to a long life-hard work.

In 1957, Poole and her family moved to New Martinsville from the Wileyville area, and just because she moved from the farm, it did not mean her days of working hard had ended. Poole has worked a variety of places. She worked at the Grandview Hotel for one month and then moved on to the Whitehouse Restaurant, where she worked for seven years and where she says that her German chocolate cake was a favorite amongst patrons. After this, Poole worked at the Wetzel County Hospital for 17 years, and then worked at Herrick’s IGA deli for seven years afterwards. Poole remembers preparing both the recipes and the food itself for IGA’s deli. She also recalls making five gallons of dressing at a time for the deli’s coleslaw and potato salad.

Poole’s hard work did not end with her retirement from the IGA either. She has also altered wedding gowns and prom dresses, and recalls at one time altering a prom gown with eight layers of mesh/ taffeta. She has made seat covers for trucks as well as gear shift covers.

Poole has also written poetry and at one time, sat down and wrote a history of her family, beginning with her ancestors-Alfred and Emily Poole. She also has her work history recorded, including how she worked at the IGA in 1980 for a rate of $3.45 per hour and worked her way up to $4.95 per hour.

These days, Poole cooks for herself and bakes. She enjoys reading the Bible, doing crossword puzzles, and now she can write yet another achievement down on her long list. . .grand marshaling the Wileyville Homecoming parade.