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Pine Grove Postpones Festivities

By Staff | Jun 13, 2012

Pine Grove’s Fourth of July festivities have been postponed until Labor Day, according to Pine Grove Mayor Dave Barr. Barr stated that the planning has already begun for the activities which will be held on Sept. 1 in conjunction with the Labor Day festivities.

Angie and Gary Partridge have been contacted in regards to the entertainment, and the fireworks have been purchased for the event.

in another matter, Recorder Kimberly Bates stated that there have been complaints in regards to non-working street lights. She asked Councilman Brian Price to further investigate the matter and retrieve the numbers of the specific poles where lights are not functioning.

Pertaining to the Byrd Center building, Bates, along with Councilwoman Eva Adams, both confirmed that the sewer gas odor in the building had subsided, which Bates guessed could have been due to the increase in the use of the center. Mayor Barr stated that a stray line had actually been found on the ice freezer and this issue would be remedied soon.

As for the town’s sewer project, Mayor Barr stated that Cowgirl Up, Inc. is “still at it,” along with Michel, Inc., which recently began its part of the project. Councilman Tom Dulaney agreed that everything looked good and questioned Barr about repaving. Barr stated that per the contract agreement, everything will have to be put “back the way they found it.” Bates agreed, saying that now there are no potholes when driving down to the football field.

Permission was given in regards to six people wanting their swimming pools filled for the summer, with relief on the sewer cost. Sewer charges are based on water consumption. Those mentioned will not be charged for sewer processing of the water used to fill the pool.