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County Ponders Camping During Youth 4-H Camp

By Staff | Apr 11, 2012

Shirley Higginbotham met with the Wetzel County Commission during their meeting held March 28 to express her concerns over the possibility of out-of-state campers staying on the 4-H grounds over the summer months during 4-H camps.

With camps set to begin in just two months, Higginbotham asked if the campers are going to stay on the grounds during the camps. To this, Commission Vice President Bob Gorby stated the present campers know to be out before 4-H camps begin. However, he did note that there is talk about putting up a fence across a portion of the grounds to block off present campers from the areas where formal camps are held. “If that happens, we’ll probably have to hire a security guard during camps,” Gorby added. “But no final decision’s been made.”

Higginbotham voiced her concern of “out of state people” staying on the same grounds as where teenage kids will be. “I don’t feel it’s safe for those young kids to be there with those others who we don’t know,” she affirmed. “I think they (campers) should be completely out of there. It’s grounds for the 4-Hers,” Higginbotham stressed.

The commission told Higginbotham they would address the issue with the appropriate persons. “We will take your concerns and discuss them with the 4-H people and see where we can go from there,” assured Commission President Don Mason.

Theresa Hoskins also met with the commission to update them on various programs and projects, and to submit her budget requests for the coming year for the Wetzel County Family Resource Network.

Regarding the Title V adolescent health program presently implemented at Magnolia High School, Hoskins told commissioners she has been teaching approximately 200 freshmen and sophomores about the dangers of alcohol, tobacco, sexually transmitted diseases, teen pregnancy, prescription drug abuse, date rape drugs, and the like. Additionally, she noted she is working with Prevention Resource Officer Sergeant Steve Kastigar to put together a prom-related event before the dance.

For the summer months, she is also working with churches to organize day-long teen retreats in conjunction with Vacation Bible School. Lastly, Hoskins was excited to share that she is working with local groups to orchestrate a night without a home event sometime this summer, wherein teens learn the concept of homelessness first-hand, with adults and possibly law enforcement present to oversee the students’ safety.

Hoskins also brought up that Child Abuse Prevention Month was nearing. Hoskins told the commission that, like in years past, she will be setting out the pinwheels in front of the courthouse sometime in April as part of the Pinwheels for Prevention project, a child abuse awareness display that illustrates just how many child abuse cases are ongoing in the county. One pinwheel is displayed for each investigated child abuse case in 2011.

Relatedly, she asked the commission to raise the Children’s Memorial Flag Day flag in early April. While Children’s Memorial Flag Day is on April 29, the flag is raised earlier to be displayed all month long. The commission noted they planned to hang the flag on April 1.

Hoskins also shared with the commission that she will be honored at the Wheeling YWCA’s Tribute to Women Celebration to be held at the center on April 30. “I could not do what I do without all of you,” Hoskins humbly told the commission. “This is not a single win.”

The YWCA had been seeking nominations of notable area women to honor at the event, which is aimed to recognize women who have made extraordinary contributions to the valley in the areas of arts, business, and professional, health care, law, education, volunteerism, and community service. The commission extended their thanks, appreciation, and congratulations to Hoskins on her many accomplishments and service to the community.

In another matter, Scott Hicks with Belomar Regional Council met with commissioners regarding another drawdown for the Hundred Littleton Public Service District’s waterline replacement project. It was noted the project is 98 percent done and it is anticipated the entire project will be completed by the end of June. The commission agreed to sign the drawdown.

Also during this meeting the commission announced that Glasscock Construction and Remodeling out of Folsom would be constructing the carport requested by Rosy Cozart for the Wetzel County Animal Shelter. The project was approved at the cost of $6,200.

Lastly, the commission approved all budget requests for the coming year.