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Probationary Personnel Approved

By Staff | Mar 14, 2012

The Wetzel County Board of Education approved the following Probationary Personnel for the 2012-2013 school year during their March 5 meeting.

Hundred High School

Professional Personnel: Urey P. Mortimore, third year; Jonathan C. Pollock, third year; and Rebecca M. Spicher, second year.

Service Personnel: Shelly D. Coen, first year custodian (228 days).

Long Drain School

Service Personnel: Kristina L. Shriver, second year secretary (220 days); and Cheryl S. Hillberry, third year cook (200 days).

Magnolia High School

Professional Personnel: Lori J. Helmick, first year; Jeffrey M. Hiestand, second year; Michael S. Shank, third year; and Beverly A. Zwolensky, second year.

Service Personnel: Marsha L. Magyar, third year custodian (228 days).

New Martinsville School

Professional Personnel: Glenda J. Bennett, third year; and Stacy K. Hooper, second year.

Service Personnel: Barbara A. Cain, third year cook (200 days); Joe O. Flesher, second year custodian (228 days); Therese A. Headley, third year custodian (228 days); and Harold Allen Trader, second year custodian (261 days).

Paden City Elementary School

Service Personnel: Sandra K. Blake, third year cook (200 days).

Paden City High School

Professional Personnel: Jeanne L. Fox, third year; Toby L. Willis, second year; and Beverly A. Zwolensky, second year.

Short Line School

Professional Personnel: Jacqueline D. Jenkins, third year.

Service Personnel: Karen L. Pegg, first year cook (200 days); and Vickey L. Titus, second year cook (200 days).

Valley High School

Professional Personnel: Tara R. Adams, third year; Lee Ann Hall, second year; Deanna L. Heasley, third year; Hannah M. Morris, second year; Keith M. Riggle, second year; Michael S. Shank, third year; Ashley N. Smith, third year; Pariksit Spicher, second year; and Beverly A. Zwolensky, second year.

Service Personnel: Ralph V. Gainer II, third year custodian (228 days).


Professional Personnel: Dana M. Gerenyi, third year; Elizabeth B. Hiestand, third year; Meredith B. Reed, second year; Jeremy M. Roush, second year; and Jay D. Smith, second year.

Service Personnel: Andrea M. Brewer, third year licensed practical nurse (200 days); John E. Bell, third year bus operator (200 days); John M. Boswell, second year bus operator (200 days); Robert J. Nice, second year bus operator (200 days); and William D. Stuart, second year bus operator (200 days); Brian R. LeMasters, third year mechanic (261 days); and Joshua P. Tustin, third year mechanic (261 days).