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Indictees Appear In Court

By Staff | Feb 15, 2012

The following were arraigned Friday in Wetzel County Circuit Court before Judge Mark A. Karl on charges recently returned to them by the Wetzel County Grand Jury in the January 2012 term.

Thomas Edward Welch, 48, of RR 124, Proctor, appeared in court alongside Attorney Jeremiah Gardner to address a probation violation.

However Gardner shared with the court that Welch was not inclined to accept him as representation. It was explained that in an earlier case Welch filed a complaint with the Public Defender Corporation because he was felt the corporation deliberately covered up evidence and “entered a conspiracy with Mr. Haught.” Judge Karl ruled to relieve the PDC from Welch’s case and appointed Attorney Thomas White. Following his hearing, Welch was remanded to the NRJ and will return March 7 at 1:30 p.m.

Welch was indicted for felony failure to register as a sex offender, to have occurred on or about Oct. 28, 2011.

Charles Michael Young, 50, and Mary Evelyn Young, 49, both of Route 1, Box 31A, New Martinsville, appeared alongside Attorney Neiswonger, who was formally retained to both defendants. Despite the potential conflict in such an arrangement, Neiswonger told the court he had explained the possible issues and the Youngs agreed to proceed as planned, hiring Neiswonger to represent them both.

The two entered pleas of innocence to their charges and will return to continue matters on Feb. 24 at 10 a.m.

Their bonds continue.

Both are charged with financial exploitation of an elderly person and forgery for offenses against Burton Young between Oct. 1, 2010, and Dec. 31, 2010, in Wetzel County. Charles Michael Young holds a two-count indictment while Mary Evelyn Young holds a three-count indictment.

Counts one and two in their respective indictments allege they intentionally and feloniously misappropriated the assets of Burton Young, who is over the age of 65, by permitting the recording of a Quitclaim Deed, now of record in the Office of the Clerk of the County Commission of Wetzel County, in Deed Book 424, at page 103, transferring the real property of Burton Young to their names, without the knowledge or consent of Burton Young.

Count two charges them with feloniously forging the attestation of a notary public to the same Quitclaim Deed, knowing such attestation would be received as legal proof.

Additionally, Mary Evelyn Young’s third count in her indictment states that on or about Dec. 13, 2010, in Wetzel County, she committed the offense of uttering wherein she feloniously employed as true the above named Quitclaim Deed, when she knew the attestation of the notary public thereon was forged.

Jonathan Jones, 20, of 111 Helen Street, Paden City, pleaded innocent to his two-count indictment for offenses said to have occurred on or about July 8 in Wetzel County. He will return March 7 at 1:30 p.m. to continue his case. He was remanded to the NRJ.

Count one states he committed the offense of conspiracy to commit first degree robbery for feloniously conspiring with Justin Raymond Wyatt and Wilson Scott Longwell to commit first degree robbery against Maverick Ray Stewart in New Martinsville.

Count two charges Jones with first degree robbery for feloniously committing robbery by striking and beating Stewart and stealing money and property from him in New Martinsville.

Cynthia R. Smith, 23, of 618 North Fourth Avenue, Paden City, pleaded innocent to each of her six counts of conspiracy during her arraignment on Friday. She will return to circuit court March 7 at 1:30 p.m. She was remanded to the NRJ.

Smith, along with codefendants Jeffery Allen Dawson, 26, of Route 1, Box 16, Folsom; and Benjamin Dale Francis, 32, of 1014 Third Street, New Martinsville, were each handed a six-count indictment charging them with the repeated offense of conspiracy said to have occurred on or about Dec. 9 in New Martinsville.

The trio is charged with feloniously conspiring amongst each other to deliver: Hydrocodone, a Schedule III controlled substance; Marijuana, a Schedule II controlled substance; Oxycodone, a Schedule II controlled substance ; Adderall, a Schedule II controlled substance ; Alprazolam, a Schedule II controlled substance; and Suboxone, a Schedule II controlled substance.

Additionally, Dawson is charged with the offense of second degree robbery for allegedly removing money forcefully from Ciara Beisel on or about Dec. 30 in New Martinsville.

Furthermore, Francis is charged with the offense of attempt to disarm a law enforcement officer for attempting to disarm Patrolman Don Larsen, acting in his official capacity as a Patrolman for the New Martinsville Police Department, by grabbing Patrolman Larsen’s weapon and attempting to pull it from its holster on or about Dec. 9 in New Martinsville.