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Zervos Outlines Benefits Of RESA 6 To Board

By Staff | Jan 18, 2012

Nick Zervos

Nick Zervos, executive director of RESA 6, met with the Wetzel County Board of Education during their regular meeting held Dec. 19 to present his annual update on RESA 6 programs and services.

Notably, on the RESA Customer Satisfaction/Evaluation Survey which evaluates customer satisfaction by a rating scale of one to five-with one being the lowest-Zervos was happy to report to the board the average rating of all responses from those using RESA services was a 4.5.

Following Zervos’ presentation board member Linda Ritz noted that since she has been on the RESA 6 advisory council, she’s come to realize how RESA is good for small counties. “However not all RESAs are created equal,” Ritz noted. “We are very lucky.”

For the 2010-2011 year RESA 6 held a cooperative purchasing savings of over $330,000 and saw Medicaid reimbursements of over $5.1 million recouped and distributed to county school systems, of which $674,052.21 was distributed to Wetzel County. RESA 6 also employed over 160 full-time and/or part-time personnel dedicated to serving specific county initiatives including special education, supplemental education services, energy management, and technical services. Also, professional development activities were conducted, coordinated, and/or facilitated for over 10,000 participants. In total, 29,051 participants attended 2,185 professional development training sessions over the last three years.

RESA 6 provides itinerant services in the areas of speech language pathology, audiology, occupational therapy, physical therapy, school counseling, visual impairments, hearing impairments, school nursing, autism mentors, and educational interpreters. They also provided professional development in the areas of non-violent crisis intervention and in autism through TEACH training. School improvement efforts were led through the use of Instructional Practices Inventory and follow-up activities in 17 schools in all five counties.

RESA also trained teachers as Peer Coders for the IPI collection process and held training at elementary and middle school levels on Rtl and SAT processes and forms, and offered professional development in curriculum including Language Essential for Teachers of Reading and Spelling (LETRS), Depth of Knowledge, WesTest, Acuity Talks, Balanced Assessment, You Be George, Assessment Review, Rtl Implementation, goal setting, data analysis, training in specific interventions, and scheduling.

RESA also reported 430 individuals participated in GED testing and over 130 individuals participated in Adult Education Professional Development sessions. There were TABE Assessments of over 440 TANF referrals and Work Keys Assessments with 120 SPOKES. Statewide training and support was held for the use and implementation of the Adult Education Management Information System (AEMIS) and Public Service Training classes were held for 4,271 participants. RESA 6 also assisted with the National Project ESCAPE Conference for over 2,800 participants. Additionally, Zervos brought up the Substitute Employee Management System (SmartFind Express) that is utilized by Hancock, Ohio, Marshall, and Wetzel counties. The Substitute Calling System is housed at RESA 6 using a half-time employee to manage the system to save the counties time, money, and efficiency with the flow of data to fill 57,000 calls a year with a fill rate of 97.7 percent.

Regarding health and safety, Zervos stated audiological services were available for over 350 students and 21st Century Special Education professional development and other activities were conducted for over 1,000 participants. Additionally over 10,861 individuals participated in 21st Century Professional Staff Development and over 100 participants attended 21st Century Staff Development and graduate classes.

Life Skills and activities were held with 14 teachers and 3,000 others participating. Health Education Assessment Project (HEAP) training was held for 11 health teachers. Electronic Health Data Training was conducted for 33 nurses and staff in all five counties.

It was also reported there were regional academic activities such as Math Field Day and Science Fair/Bowl for over 170 students. Over $131,000 in grants was obtained from the Benedum Foundation. RESA also held certification and re-certification substitute teacher training for over 20 individuals and the WVDE/RESA Arts Team Project 21st Century staff development with 3 RESA Arts Team was held. And in other matters of school improvement, CAN 1, CAN 2, School of Practice, Collaborative Teams Network (CTN), E-Walk design, support, and training was held for over 1,000 teachers and administrators.

In matters of technology, RESA 6 maintained and supported Cisco routers in schools and school systems statewide and provided technical assistance to parochial schools, correctional facilities, public safety departments, community-based agencies, and adult education facilities.

They also coordinated with the WVDE to house, maintain, and upgrade WVEIS and provided statewide training and support including the WVEIS help desk for all WVEIS users. RESA also houses and maintains state of the art technology training facilities for use by schools, school systems, the WVDE, and community organizations. Furthermore, eWalk license support, training, and template development/revision for select schools and school systems in all five counties are provided. They also assist schools and school systems with cost-effective purchasing of computers and peripherals.

Zervos also said they’ve responded to over 5,491 service/repair calls and have provided on-site repair of all computers and peripherals, and offered a Web-based data base for work order requests and tracking. In a reporting period from July 1, 2006, to June 30, 2011, 25,129 work orders were placed, and from July 1, 2010, to June 30, 2011, 5,491 work orders were placed. Notably, a single work order for a school may require work on multiple pieces of equipment. Other services include: software/hardware installations and upgrades, laptop and printer repair, operating system updates and antivirus software installation and configuration, wireless networking installation, network troubleshooting and network repair (both WAN and LAN), Cisco Router support for WVEIS and internet access, Smart board equipment setup and support, WVEIS workstation support and WVEIS Client Access/software support/ Mocha which allows displays and printers to communicate with the AS/400.

Zervos further shared that WVEIS staff assists over 1,400 system users and RESA maintains the RESA 6 Web page. WVEIS support for the online IEP for Special Education is also provided through RESA along with configuration and installation of BTOP (Broadband Technology Opportunities Program) Cisco 3950 routers in the 55 schools within RESA 6.

Additionally, they provide WVEIS support for: Pre-K Assessment, Career Technical Education, Safe and Support Schools Discipline System, Direct Deposit/Annuity/Vendor submission electronically, Electronic Wellness records, WesTest testing, Five Year Strategic Plan, all WVEIS Web based programs, and WVEIS workstation support and WVEIS Client Access/software support/Mocha.

Furthermore they provide data and software server installation and support, and upgrade and refurbish donated computer equipment. RESA also gives video conferencing support and scheduling, WinPOS school lunch software support, identimetrics figure print student identification software support, Follett Library Automation software support, unique hardware and software support for Special Education, E-Government project support, and make specialized technology purchases.

Zervos concluded that Complete Annual Reports for the year ended June 30, 2011, are available online at each RESA’s Web site. Visit resa6.k12.wv.us/ for more information.