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NM Man Threatens Police, Shoots Himself In Standoff

By Staff | Jun 1, 2011

Larry Eugene Jones Jr.

A police standoff turned into a rescue mission in a matter of minutes late Sunday afternoon when police arrived at the home of a hostile New Martinsville man who shot himself during the confrontation.

Police were aiming to serve papers to Larry Eugene Jones Jr., 46, of 125 South Main Street, New Martinsville, for a court appearance, when Jones pointed a .22 caliber weapon at the officers. At that point Police Chief Tim Cecil said the Special Response Team was called to the scene. Jones then turned the gun onto himself, shooting himself in the stomach. Officers were able to come to Jones’ aid, and he was taken to Wetzel County Hospital. From there he was flown to Pittsburgh. Reports indicate Jones is listed in stable condition. Fortunately, no officers were hurt in the incident.

Cecil commended all law enforcement on a job well done in the high-risk situation. Those involved included Ptl. Don Larsen, Ptl. Adam Skinner, Sgt. Steve Kastigar, Captain Mike Thomas, and Chief Cecil of the New Martinsville Police Department; Deputy Randy Adams, Deputy Eric Daugherty, Deputy Mary Kelly, and Sheriff James Hoskins of the Wetzel County Sheriff’s Office; and Trooper Shaun Curran of the West Virginia State Police.

For this incident Jones has been charged with wanton endangerment. In addition to this charge, Jones presently holds a one-count indictment for the felony offense of wanton endangerment involving a firearm wherein on or about Nov. 8 in Wetzel County Jones allegedly unlawfully, feloniously, and wantonly performed an act with a firearm which created a substantial risk of death or serious bodily injury to another.

This charge was made following the testimony of Captain Michael J. Thomas of the New Martinsville Police Department before the grand jury on Jan. 17.