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Professionals Propose Oral Health Program

By Staff | Feb 9, 2011

Dr. Anissa Anderson presents the Wetzel County Board of Education with the concept of implementing an Oral Health Improvement Program.

New Martinsville Orthodontist Dr. Anissa Anderson asked the Wetzel County Board of Education Feb. 7 to join local dentists in implementing an Oral Health Improvement Program “to assist students who cannot be or are not being taken to a dentist” because of transportation, financial, or other reasons.

Speaking in behalf of the eight dental practitioners in Wetzel and Tyler counties, Anderson outlined five goals of the program: to decrease the percentage of students needing urgent dental care; to reduce the number of students with untreated dental decay; to increase the percentage of students having annual dental visits; to raise the number of students receiving preventive dental services; and to increase an awareness of oral health among students and school personnel.

Anderson proposed implementing the screening and referral phase of such a program in the fall of the 2011-12 school year. She noted that dental students from West Virginia University, dental hygiene students from West Liberty University, and other dental professionals would be resources to support the program.

The board will meet March 14 with Anderson and others to follow up on a program. Also attending the Feb. 7 meeting were local dentists Dr. Jay Cunningham, Dr. David Bridgeman, and Dr. Benjamin Kocher.

The board approved 12 professional and service workers for transfer and reassignment for the 2011-12 school year. Professional employees approved were:

Susan M. Hill, from the countywide Parents as Teacher Program based at Hundred High School, to countywide Pre-School Special Needs Teacher based at Long Drain and Short Line schools;

Matthew S. Bailey, from countywide Special Education Teacher based at Magnolia High School, to countywide Special Needs Education teacher based at SLS;

Lisa M. Ferrell, from first grade teacher at New Martinsville School to kindergarten at SLS;

Urey P. Mortimore, from half-time social studies teacher at MHS to the same full-time position at HHS;

Barbara G. Slider, from second grade teacher at NMS to fifth grade teacher at SLS; and

Aaron E. Vigliotti, from third grade teacher at NMS to second grade teacher at LDS.

Service workers approved for the transfer list to now-unknown re-assignments were Sandra k. Blake, Kathy D. Greathouse, Jill C. Householder, Bonnie A. Martin, and Cynthia A. Zajdowicz.

Although all these employees are guaranteed a job next year, service workers must bid on vacancies that have been posted. Professional workers may either bid on an open job or bump a less-senior worker out of a position.

Sherry L. Stanley will move from third grade to second grade at Paden City Elementary School next year, a re-assignment mutually agreed upon and authorized by state statute for K-6 teachers only.

Also by agreement, Linda S. Zeh accepted re-assignment as countywide Special Education teacher based at Paden City High School. Currently, Zeh is halftime Special Education teacher at both PCES and PCHS.

School System Treasurer Jeff Lancaster reported receiving almost $685,000 in new state and federal funding for the 2011-12 school year. The largest portion of that money–$573,396 in federal monies–will fund positions or programs local taxes would have had to pay for.

The school system was reimbursed $56,827.70 from the federal government for the 2010-11 Summer Food Program, while another $48,463.45 in state money will fund the second year of a student enrichment and summer school program for third and eighth grades. Slightly more than $6,000 in state funds will go to pay for high acuity health needs for students and the English as a Second language program.

The board approved other personnel changes for the coming school year. It also approved for the first time an annually-renewable agreement to reimburse the City of New Martinsville $1,250 to assist in funding a crossing guard position at NMS.