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High-Speed Internet Reaches Proctor Area

By Staff | Jan 12, 2011

At a public meeting held at the Grandview EMS Squad station on Jan. 4 it was announced the project to establish Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) connections to residents in the Proctor Creek and Coffield Ridge area is now complete. Bill Moon, Frontier Communications’ general manager for the northern panhandle, met with area residents at this meeting to address questions regarding DSL accessibility.

Organized by Wetzel County EMS President Jim Colvin, many were in attendance, including Del. Dave Pethtel, to hear what was in store for outlying areas of the county regarding high-speed internet connection, satellite television, and telephone lines.

This DSL project for the areas of Proctor Creek and Coffield Ridge began three years ago under Verizon. Frontier Communications took over the project July 1, 2010, following its absorption of Verizon. After much waiting and waning patience, residents learned that on Jan. 3 DSL high-speed internet was activated. Interested persons can call Frontier at 1-800-921-8101 to see if their address is within the three-mile range of the hub. Moon also stated Frontier salespersons would soon contact eligible customers to notify them of their option to subscribe to DSL services.

During this meeting Moon underlined how Frontier Communications is dedicated to providing competitive communication services to rural areas of the country. He explained that the organization takes its company values very seriously and aims to “do things right the first time,” taking more time to establish service in efforts to prevent customers from dealing with the inconveniences of repeat visits from technicians.

Furthermore, Moon highlighted the significance of local management and community engagement. “We want to bring the feel of a local company with the advantages of a big company,” Moon said. He went on to say that being a manager specifically for one region meant day-to-day decisions could be made at the local and personal level. “A lot of the red tape is gone,” he added. “We can make things happen directly and get things resolved quickly.”

Born and raised in Chester, W.Va., Moon also noted that all of Frontier’s general managers in the state had to have lived in West Virginia. “People who were raised here know the area, and know what people here need,” he stressed.

With that sentiment in mind Moon then outlined how Frontier Communications offers competitive services in the areas of satellite television, internet, and telephone communications for homes and businesses. Moon said individual services are available as well as bundled offers. Furthermore, unlike many other companies Frontier created a personalized bundle system which offers varied discounts based on the customer’s desired services.

While there was a lot of good to be said at the meeting, some residents were still concerned with how quickly they would receive high-speed internet and just how fast and reliable such a connection would be. Moon explained that though the DSL has been activated in the Proctor Creek and Coffield Ridge areas, the process of providing DSL services to everyone will require time. It was also explained there is a lot of prep work to be done to make areas ready for DSL access and that the farther a customer is from a hub, the slower the connection will be.

Moon expressed his understanding of the community’s frustrations but asked for patience, promising that good things were on the way. “We are making excellent progress,” he said. “As of Dec. 31 we’ve added DSL access to 38,000 more customers.” Frontier Communications will continue to work toward offering reliable high-speed internet, satellite television, and telephone services to as many people as possible.

Notably, Moon shared with those present that the Wheeling branch of Frontier Communications is in need of technicians for the Wheeling and Hundred areas. Moon added a college degree is not required, but a basic knowledge of electronics and the ability to climb telephone poles are essential skills necessary for the job.

Once again, residents interested in learning about Frontier’s service packages or coverage area can call the customer service line at 1-800-921-8101 or visit frontier.com.