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Chronicle Unveils New Web Site

By Staff | Dec 30, 2008

The Wetzel Chronicle’s Web site, “http://www.wetzelchronicle.com”>www.wetzelchronicle.com, has a new look. Our internet presence has been updated to have a more modern appeal and interactive approach to local news.

In addition to providing visitors to our site with free access to the top news, sports, events, and society announcements from the print edition of the Wetzel Chronicle, we also include online polls, weather, EZ To Use Big Book reference, and local blogs.

We also look forward to being an interactive site for the community by providing a message board and comment capabilities on news articles.

Another great feature of our new site is the community photo gallery feature called CU.wetzelchronicle.com.

This allows us to upload more photos of an event than we have space to print in the paper version of the Wetzel Chronicle and they are available for purchase.

Also, users can upload their photo galleries as a way to share their photographic prowess with the world and give friends and family a chance to see what’s happening in their lives.

The calendar of events on the new site is also an exciting change. It allows visitors to search by date for events. So if you have a free evening, click on that date and see just how much there really is to do in our local area. Those involved in events can also submit them online using this new feature.

Wetzelchronicle.com also offers online purchase of our print edition and provides information about paper retailers and advertising costs.

As always, we also have links to affiliated sites such as the Tyler Star News, Wheeling News-Register, The Intelligencer, Parkersburg News and Sentinel, and Ohio Valley Parents.

“We encourage everyone to check out our new site, become a free registered member, and make our Web site your community Web site,” said Editor Amy Witschey.

“As we embark on this new chapter of www.wetzelchronicle.com, let us know what you think and help us to make the online edition of our newspaper the best it can be.”

Ogden Newspapers, Inc., our parent company, has used a similar format with much success at its daily newspapers and is hoping readers of their weekly newspapers will also find the new site format beneficial and community-friendly.

Ogden Newspapers, Inc., is a diversified media corporation that publishes 40 daily newspapers, several magazines, weekly newspapers, and shoppers located in 12 states from Florida to upstate New York and as far west as Maui, Hawaii. The company has been headquartered in Wheeling since Sept. 22, 1890.