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Madden Sentences Mylar To 1-3 Years

By Staff | Dec 24, 2008

A Paden City man was sentenced Dec. 12 to one to three years in the West Virginia Penitentiary for Men for attempted nighttime burglary.

Richard E. Mylar, 41, of 401 North Eighth Ave., Paden City, had pleaded guilty to the charge on Nov. 17, but sentencing was delayed until after a pre-sentencing report was completed by Adult Probation Officer John Lantz.

Between the plea and sentencing, the Paden City Police Department had made Prosecuting Attorney Timothy Haught aware of some further incidences involving Mylar. “It is conduct that is yet to be charged,” Haught told Judge John T. Madden.

While he had never seen that situation in his 19 years as judge in the Second Judicial Circuit, Madden indicated it would be best to pursue the matters separately.

Since this was not Mylar’s first felony, Haught recommended the state penalty of one to three years in the WVPM.

Defense Attorney Jeremiah Gardner requested probation as his client is currently suffering from cancer of the blood. He further argued that Mylar supports his family and he has removed himself from the neighborhood where the offense occurred.

The last time he was incarcerated, Mylar told Madden, “They denied me all my medicine. They said they had 30 days to get medication.” After 14 days Mylar said he was bleeding at his teeth and nose.

While sympathetic to his condition, Madden said there are avenues to address those issues, but not in the sentencing hearing.

“The defense does cry out for punishment,” said Madden, who added that people have a right to their privacy and personal security. Incarceration, he said, is not only a deterrent, but also a method of rehabilitation.

In addition to the sentence of one to three years in the WVPM, Mylar was ordered to pay all costs of prosecution including court appointed attorney fees.