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Headley Pleads Guilty To DUI

By Staff | Dec 10, 2008

Gary Headley, 28, of HC 62 Box 100, Jacksonburg, pleaded guilty to one count of information, third offense DUI on Friday.

Headley was allegedly driving a Chevy motor vehicle on Sept. 15 on W.Va. 20 near Reader and was stopped by Wetzel County Sheriff’s Deputy R.L. Scott Jr. He allegedly was driving at a high rate of speed and the vehicle had allegedly gone left of center.

Deputy Scott, upon speaking with the driver, had noticed a strong odor and then administered the sobriety test, which Headley failed. He observed the defendant for approximately 20 minutes and, according to Wetzel County Prosecutor Timothy Haught, “Standard procedures were followed”.

Headley faced a charge of DUI in the Tyler Magistrate Court on Aug. 22, 2002, and a second DUI offense in Tyler Circuit Court on May 24, 2004.

When asked to describe his action to the court, Headley said, “I had been drinking when he pulled me over.”

Judge Madden sentenced Headley to one to three years in the West Virginia Penitentiary for Men. He was awarded credit for 82 days served. His most recent sentence is to run concurrent with a sentence handed down in Tyler County from a guilty plea on Oct. 24 to third-offense DUI. He is to pay all costs of prosecution.

It is the recommendation of the court that along with his incarceration Headley attend drug and alcohol counseling.

“”If you don’t want to, no amount of rehab will help you,” said Judge Madden to the defendant.

Upon leaving the court room, Haught wished the defendant good luck.

Headley was remanded to the NRJ upon being delivered to the Commission of Corrections to begin serving his sentence.