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Hundred Will Circulate Petition For Wetzel Bridge

By Staff | Nov 20, 2008

At a regularly scheduled meeting of the Hundred City Council, several issues were discussed including the Wetzel Street bridge petition.

At the Nov. 17 meeting, councilmembers established a petition to be put forth to the public so that they be provided the opportunity to publicly voice their concerns to the Wetzel County Commission regarding ownership of the bridge. Mayor Charles Sine and Councilman Phil Lightner previously met with the commission, where the possibility of giving ownership of the bridge to the city was discussed and a request for a petition was made. At the council meeting Mayor Sine voiced his concerns, as did other councilmembers in response to the issue of liability that would potentially burden the city. “Liability is what worries me,” stated Sine.

In regard to the repair/replacement of the retaining wall on Belmont St., councilmembers stated that at this time no bids have been received to complete the necessary work on the retaining wall located on the lower side of the street. It was reported, however that an ad for the bid request was posted in the legal section of the Nov. 12 issue of the Wetzel Chronicle.

Councilmembers also discussed the annexation of the Field of Dreams, a plot of land just outside the Hundred city limits that is owned by the Hundred Volunteer Fire Department and used for various events and fund raisers. County Commissioner Don Mason had previously requested that councilmembers put a proposal in writing to present to the commission. Chief of Police Clay Lunceford reported that it would add approximately 100 miles per day to the police cruisers’ mileage total in order to patrol the area. Mayor Sine said that he did not feel it would benefit the city to pursue the annexation. After discussion, the issue was tabled until the next stated council meeting.

City Recorder Sherry Hayes reported that engraving of the welcome stone has been completed. Hayes stated that no concrete work for the setting of the stone could be done at this time, but that it would commence when the weather permitted. She also said that the city is going to be billed for the sign but will not be billed for the stone setting until the concrete can be poured. Due to concerns of vandalism, a request was made that the stone not be fully displayed in any manner until the concrete work can be completed. Jones had previously suggested that the sign be displayed against a tree near the desired location of the welcome stone.

Letters will be distributed by the city to request that citizens provide sidewalk upkeep during the winter months to ensure the safety of all residents. Councilmembers decided to send out a ‘friendly reminder’ letter asking citizens to aid in snow removal. Also regarding winter-month upkeep; it was stated that the city purchased 20 tons of cinders for road maintenance. It was also suggested that the city purchase a snow blower. “What we’ll do is get a good snow blower that we can use,” said Mayor Sine. No final decision was made at the Nov. 17 meeting regarding the purchase of a snow blower.

The annual Christmas parade will be held Dec. 13 at 6 p.m. It was suggested, due to clean-up concerns that arose last year, that this year Santa’s visit take place at the high school. The council will make a request to use the facility. Signs regarding Christmas festivities and information will be distributed to residents. Hayes reported that 169 toys have been purchased this year to distribute to local children.

Mayor Sine reported that paperwork from Charleston would be sent to the council regarding speeding ticket offenders. Anyone currently with unpaid tickets will be danger of losing any future tax refund as it will be sent to the city for retribution. This is not currently in effect, but is pending, upon completion and finalization of the necessary paperwork.

Also, a motion was made and carried that the city provide funding for Police Chief Lunceford to attend two law enforcement training courses; one in Ripley, W.Va., and one in Salisbury, Md.

The next scheduled meeting of the Hundred City Council will be Dec. 15 at 6 p.m., tentatively at the Senior Citizens Center for the annual Christmas dinner. A request will be made to temporarily use the facility for the special event. Hundred City Council regularly meets the first and third Monday of every month at 7 p.m. at the Municipal Building. The meetings are open to the public.