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Paden City Council Deals With Various Issues

By Staff | Nov 5, 2008

The agenda was straight forward and citizen complaints were at a minimum on Monday evening, as the Paden City Council convened to discuss areas of concern.

Rev. Darrel Gooden of the Paden City United Methodist Church opened the meeting with prayer. Mayor Bill Fox led the forum in the Pledge of Allegiance.

All councilmen were present, with the exception of Roger Spragg.

The first order of business was to approve the meeting minutes from Oct. 6, 24, 28, and 29 with the meeting minutes from Oct. 13 excluded from the motion due to revisions. The first motion was made, passing with no opposition.

Fox explained the revision for the Oct. 13 meeting minutes. “What we have is a change. The minutes read: ‘Councilwoman (Eileen) Smittle announced that she no longer wanted to be a member of the Development Authority…’ and that is incorrect. Eileen said she no longer wanted to be the representative of council on the Paden City Development Authority.”

According to Fox, Smittle was elected in 2006 for a three-year term which meant that her term would expire in 2009. She will remain on the PCDA as a member, however Clyde Hochstrasser will take over as council’s appointed representative.

After the discussion, the motion was entertained to accept the revision. The motion carried four in favor and one council member, Cherita Daugherty, against the revision.

Fox then opened the floor up for citizens’ complaints.

Resident Carl Wilcox Jr., who had approached the council during a previous meeting, once again came before the quorum to inquire about compensation for work around his home on First Avenue. “At the last meeting you said you were going to look into me rebuilding First Avenue. Have you decided anything?” he inquired.

Fox replied, “I think the committee has decided there isn’t much they can do down there to help you.”

Wilcox retorted, “Well, I’d like to present some pictures and some receipts to council.”

To which Fox said, “You can do that. That is fine. If you’d like to leave them, council will take a look at them…”

Interrupting the mayor, Wilcox interjected, “I’d like to explain them while I’m here.”

He submitted a picture of himself standing at the bottom of a 25-foot hole on First Avenue. He said, “I hired a crew to come in and they put in some fill.”

He also submitted a receipt totalling $8,281 for the work that had been done.

Additionally, Wilcox brought pictures of six trees that the City of Paden City had paid a company to cut down that were left in the street.

“This is a street, not an alley. I believe the city does have some responsibility here.” he concluded.

Fox referred the issue to the city attorney, stating they would again take the matter under advisement.

Rick Yurisko came on behalf of the band and football parents to request permission to hold a bonfire in the park at 7 p.m. on Thursday. He assured the councilmen the event would be chaperoned by adults and the fire would be contained and controlled. No one opposed the event.

Kandy Stephen attended the meeting after receiving a letter with pictures asking her to clean up debris and remove the junk in the yard on the property she owns on First Avenue. “I’ve come to see if my property is now acceptable,” she said, “but I’m a little upset because I have lived in this city for 12 years and my name was spelled wrong on the letter I received, there were pictures taken of the property and items listed that I needed to clean up that was on my neighbor’s property.”

“There was a picture of a junk car that wasn’t even on the property by the time I received the letter. I just think you need to be a little more organized.”

Stephen explained they had brought the property with the double-wide from the previous owner and removed weeds that had be growing. “I feel picked on now that I bought the property and I’m trying to improve it.”

Daugherty complimented her on the work she had done, “It looks very nice.”

“We apologize for the mistakes and we apologize for misspelling your name. I got a letter the other day addressed to ‘Mayor Socks'”, Fox added for humor’s sake. The room erupted with laughter.

“We appreciate you taking the time to clean it (the property) up.” he said.

Permission was granted to a resident wishing to break the curb at 122 South Third Street for the installation of a double car driveway.

Fox read a card to the City of Paden City from the trustees of the library in appreciation for the painting that was done recently by the maintenance crew.

Daugherty made the fire report for the month of October: one structure fire, three motor vehicle accidents, one EMS assist, two service calls, one false alarm, four mutual aid calls, one mutual aid standby, and one auto fire.

Fox reported that the Haunted Trail was a success this year, with a profit of $403 gained and attendance doubled from last year. “Last year they reported somewhere around 200 to 250 participants and this year there was around 500. So, they had a real good turnout,” Fox said.

Hochstrasser, as the newly appointed representative to the PCDA, requested a list of all appointees and their expiring terms.

He also asked the council to consider a change regarding the membership, revising it from 12 to 15 members to eight to 15 members.

Fox inquired, “Is this a change in the bylaws?”

“This is a change to the ordinance,” Hochstrasser replied.

It was determined they would have to review the ordinance. The issue was tabled pending a discussion.

“I have another motion.” Hochstrasser said, “I make a motion that any officer elected in December to the Development Authority be reappointed in June by council so the officers can serve out a one year term.

“This will take care of the issue of only having five people who can run for officer and give everyone a chance to run,” he said.

“I think if there is going to be a change made, the bylaws committee ought to make that change, not the City Council,” Fox said.

The council agreed.