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New Martinsville to Sell Old City Hall Building

By Rick Loy - Staff Writer | Oct 14, 2020

New Martinsville old City Hall to be sold

New Martinsville held it’s regularly scheduled council meeting on Monday, October 5, 2020, at 7:30 p.m. inside the Municipal Building Council Chambers.

Mayor Sandy Hunt called the meeting to order following the pledge of allegiance and prayer. Present for the meeting was Mayor Hunt, Recorder Kim Whiteman, and Council members Jeff Gieskes, Joey Smith, Ron Brill, Joel Potts, Steve Pallisco and Iris Isaacs.

Council unanimously approved the minutes of the September, 2020 meeting, and the budget report and city invoices. Next on the agenda was discussion of special agenda items. Pat Durant informed council that six applicants had been interviewed for the maintenance utility position. He said he had discussed the applicants with the Water and Sewer Board and was there to ask council to accept the Water boards recommendation for hiring Matthew Durig for the position, with the effective date of October 6, 2020. Council person Isaacs made a motion and councilman Gieseke seconded to accept the water boards reccomendation. All council members approved the motion.

Mayor Hunt speaking for Steve Bohrer who was unable to attend the meeting, shared information with the council concerning fines for littering. Hunt relayed the message from Bohrer that he would see that council receives a copy of the city and state code on littering.

The state code allows a fine of up to $2,500 and the city code allows a fine up to $500. Bohrer also wanted council to know that if they adopt the state code, they can impose a large fine, as well as, adding community service up to a hundred hours.

Mayor Hunt suggested Steve Bohrer get in touch with councilman Potts and schedule a meeting with committee four to discus this ordinance change. Hunt said she received a letter from the Governor’s office asking council for their consideration of approving the Proclamation of Christian Heritage Week. It has been adopted in many cities within the state since 1992. Christian Heritage week is set November 22-28.

Councilman Potts made a motion to the affect and Isaacs seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

Isaacs said she would be scheduling a committee meeting soon to go over budgets once they hear back from the state tax office. They are waiting to see what the one percent tax will be bringing in.

Councilman Gieseke. stated in the form of a motion a request to approve the installation of street lights for Hassener alley on the 900th block by the electric department. Pallisco offered a second for the motion. The motion carried without oposition

Councilman Brill stated the street department has been busy. The final city clean-up went well and the paving of several streets in town look great.

Councilman Smith requested approval to place old city hall building on the market with Brian Feldmeier at Wetzel Valley for sale, with a list price of $150,000.00. Pallisco seconded the motion. With no opposition the motion carried unanimously.

Councilman Pallisco reported the fire department had 34 calls this past month and they recently had four fireman become scuba certified. This makes the fire department having ten scuba certifications.

Councilwomen Isaacs made a motion to adjourn with Pallisco offering a second. Motion carried unanimously.

Meeting was Adjourned at 8:00 pm