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A Beautiful Partnership

By Staff | Feb 1, 2012

We think the YWCA has hit on a particularly dynamic idea with their “Cut It Out” program outlined in the article below. Many women have close relationships with their salon professionals and it is a natural that those same professionals might be one of the first persons in an abused woman’s life to notice a problem. If those professionals are trained on how to identify the signs of abuse and steer those abused women toward help, it could be one of the best programs to help end abuse that the YWCA has undertaken.

Many abused women may not even feel able to confide of their domestic troubles to a fellow family member or even a close friend, but a salon professional may be close enough to be a confidant but far enough removed from the situation to offer a fair and objective eye. We hope many local salons and their professionals will get on board with this program and help to empower women and stop domestic abuse in the local region.