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Lady Eagle Booters Fall To Silver Knights

By Staff | Sep 7, 2011

Lady Eagle Dallas Mullett

Marlee Snyder of Tyler Consolidated High?School scored a hat trick in the first half to help spark the visiting Silver Knights to a 5-0 shutout against Magnolia at Hydro Field Aug. 25.

The Lady Eagles, playing with only 11 players in the game, played hard and had a few good chances to put one in the back of the net. But the Knights’ keeper, Sophie Kinnard, wouldn’t have any of that and stopped the Eagles each time.

Snyder had a golden opportunity to make it a four-point night, but after getting a steal from the Eagles’ keeper at the end line, she lost control and the ball went out of bounds on an opener netter.

Even though the Lady Eagles didn’t score, they showed lots of promise. And, after the first three goals by Snyder, played the Silver Knights even most of the way. However, Tyler tallied a goal each from Steph Kerner and Jennifer Yost to get the win.

The Blue Eagle defense of Hannah Glow, Destiny Yoho, Shannon Hoskins, Allison Ritz, and Cassadi Wells played extremely well and Magnolia Head Coach Kandi Loy-Kay couldn’t be any more excited to see them improve each minute.

The Eagle midfield, led by Dallas Mullett and Kayla Robinson, gave the Eagles scoring opportunities, but the Knights’ defense was up to the challenge each time. MHS wings Stephanie Mullett, Jennifer Emch, and striker Sydney Smith played their hearts out, running end line to end line the whole game. They also put themselves in good positions to make some noise. But, an outstanding performance by the Lady Knights kept Magnolia at bay.

After a slow start, first year MHS goal keeper Briana Young did very well, making some nice saves and punting the ball well.


The Lady Eagles lost a 9-2 decision to Edison Local Sept. 3, as Dallas Mullett and Steffi Trille each netted goals for Gold and Blue. No other stats were available for any of their last three matches.


The Lady Eagles will host Steubenville Sept. 8 beginning at 5:30 p.m.