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Arrest May Solve Many Area Crimes

By Staff | Sep 7, 2011

Timothy Joe Nottingham

After an on-foot pursuit by police Aug. 30, a suspect now in custody faces multiple charges and is believed by police to be the culprit in many of the area’s recent crimes.

New Martinsville Villa resident Timothy Joe Nottingham, 36, has been held in the Northern Regional Jail in lieu of a $40,000 bond since Aug. 31 following an involved pursuit by the New Martinsville Police Department.

Nottingham was named a suspect in a car theft after NMPD Chief Tim Cecil found a suspicious vehicle at Nottingham’s residence around 10:30 p.m. last Aug. 28. Chief Cecil stated he didn’t think too much about the Ford Mustang until the department received a call from A1 Automotive Services the next morning reporting a stolen vehicle matching the one found at the Villa.

After preliminary investigating, Ohio authorities found the Mustang on Sykes Ridge Road in Clarington where it was retrieved by the NMPD. Coincidentally, not long after that Chief Cecil stated he received a domestic violence call from Nottingham’s residence. Nottingham fled as officers approached the home, leading NMPD patrolman Don Larsen through the thick fields up and around the area on foot until Nottingham was eventually stopped by fellow patrolman Friend Estep.

Nottingham is presently charged with grand larceny and breaking an entering, however Chief Cecil says several charges are pending from Wetzel and surrounding counties. In fact, while several agencies are still investigating, authorities believe 75 percent of the felony cases from the past few months may soon be solved from this single arrest.