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County Provides Memberships

By Staff | Aug 31, 2011

The Wetzel County Commission approved on Aug. 23 to provide Air Evac and EMS memberships to full-time county employees. Employees will be taxed if they join the memberships, as these benefits are classified as fringe benefits.

With the Air Evac Lifeteam membership program, members can afford countless medical flights with a yearly membership of $40-60 (which covers an individual and family members), versus the cost to a single non-member, which can run between $15-20,000.

The program is designed to bill any insurance available, but the patient never receives a bill. Furthermore, Air Evac and its parent companies are located in 15 states in nearly 200 locations. The membership works for all of those locations should a person have a medical emergency in another town or state.

Similarly, in the case of emergency where an ambulance transport is required, the Wetzel County Emergency Ambulance Authority Membership Program allows a member or anyone in the member’s household to be transported with no out-of-pocket costs. The WCEAA works with a member’s benefits provider to secure payment for any emergency ambulance transport. Whatever a benefit provider pays is considered as paid-in-full for any emergency ambulance transport within a 50-mile radius.

A yearly WCEAA membership costs only $55 and covers everyone living in a member’s household, however a corporate membership only covers employees during work hours. Full membership, however, covers every employee at all times as well as anyone in the employee’s household.

Eric Fecat of Belomar Regional Council said ETN Construction of Bridgeport, W.Va., was chosen to do the energy efficiency project of replacing windows in the Wetzel County Courthouse. The windows in the first and second floor will be replaced at a bid of $72,462.50. “We were shocked–pleasantly happy,” said Fecat of the unexpectedly low bid.

The company will coordinate with elected officials and the court about installation dates.

It was suggested that the work not be done until after the Oct. 4 election. The replacement should take about two weeks.