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From Karen Berry

By Staff | Jul 13, 2011

On the night of June 27 or during the day on June 28, someone stole the towing car dolly we had stored behind our house by our deck. We discovered it missing on Tuesday after work and called the police. What really irritates me is that my husband worked hard on it for at least two weeks, evenings and weekends, sanding, welding, and painting it, just for someone to think they can just take it. What’s even worse, my husband was doing this for a friend who actually owns the car dolly.

I am asking for help in getting it back. If anyone knows of someone who suddenly got a car dolly after June 27, please call 304-771-6728. It was painted all black with white rims. Even if it has been re-painted by now, my husband would recognize his work. A reward will be paid for any information that leads to its return.

Thank you,

Karen Berry, New Martinsville