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Incumbents Win

By Staff | Jun 15, 2011

Three Wetzel County municipalities held elections Tuesday with incumbents seeing much success.

A close race for the top seat in Hundred saw Incumbent Mayor Charles Sine edge out Donna Himelrick by a vote of 43 to 37. Incumbent Recorder Sherry Hayes retained her job by garnering 67 votes compared to challenger Desiree J. Kolojay’s 12. In the election for five councilmembers the winners were Josh Cecil, 64; Brian Bartlett, 61; Robert Sigley, 49; Johanna Lemasters, 48; and Charles L. Himelrick, 43. Shirley Miller

and David Derby did not gain enough votes at 40 and 12, respectively.

The mayor’s race was also of interest in Pine Grove as Incumbent David C. Barr, 35 votes, beat out challengers Roy L. Justice, 25, and John Hurst, 16. Unchallenged Incumbent Recorder Kimberly J. Bates received 62 votes. Only five people sought the five council seats. Their vote totals were as follows: Dave Williams, 58; Thomas E. Dulaney, 56; Eva A. Adams, 46; Buck Leek, 44; and Brian Price, 43.

The people of Pine Grove also overwhelmingly expressed their opposition to paying a police fee for police protection. A police protection survey asking if residents would be willing to pay a police fee of $15-30 per month for up to 40 hours per week of police protection was met with 57 votes against and only 18 in favor.

In Smithfield, Bill Hendershot was selected as mayor with a vote of 11 to Beth (Edgell) Cook’s nine. However, there are three provisional votes that have not been counted. Those voters were not registered to vote in Smithfield, but say they now live there but didn’t change their voter registration. Council will meet June 28, 6 p.m., for a canvassing of the votes when they will determine what to do with the three provisional ballots. With such a close election, they could change the mayoral outcome.

Also on the ballot, Christina Shreve received 20 votes for recorder. Only two people were on the ballot for the five council seats: Hank Hendershot, 18, and Gena Hendershot, 17. Council will vote in an additional three members at a later date. The regular council meeting is held the first Thursday of every month at 6 p.m. Also on the ballot was an agreement to change the terms of elected officials in Smithfield from two years to four years. It was accepted with a vote of 11 for and eight against.