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Air Evac Encourages County To Join Membership

By Staff | Jun 15, 2011

At the Wetzel County Commission meeting held Tuesday Gregory Jadwin, membership sales manager for Air Evac Lifeteam, addressed the commission regarding Air Evac’s membership program which covers the cost of flights should one need to be flown to a medical facility.

Jadwin explained that the cost to patients can run between $15-20,000 for the flight alone. However, with a yearly membership of anywhere between $40-60 an individual or a family member can be flown for free. He added that this is unlike many insurance plans, which may cover only a percentage of the cost.

The program is designed to bill any insurance available, but the patient never receives a bill. There’s no co-pay or deductible. Additionally, the membership covers every flight made with a member, whether it’s one time or several times during the span of membership.

Another advantage to applying to the program is the fact that Air Evac and its parent companies are located in 15 states in nearly 200 locations. The membership works for all of those locations should you have a medical emergency in another town or state.

Jadwin was specifically speaking with the commission on the program in the hopes that the commission would sign all county employees onto the plan. “I think it would be good for an extra benefit to the employees,” Commissioner Bob Gorby said. “I would hope we’d be able to do that.” Commission President Don Mason told Jadwin they would discuss the possibility of county employee membership and thanked him for his thorough presentation.

In another matter, the commission approved E-911 Director Ed Sapp’s request to contract with an independent third party to help with the 911’s mapping.

Lastly, the assessor’s office reported mysterious leaking in the annex building, where a new roof is presently being constructed. They noted several areas have been affected but they are unsure where the leak is coming from. Though it’s possibly unrelated to the roof work being done, the commission made those working on the roof aware of the problem and appropriate personnel will investigate the matter and work toward a remedy.