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True Love Endures

By Staff | Feb 16, 2011

Doris and Raymond Westfall

You may have noticed that I haven’t had a column for the last few weeks. Well, I just haven’t had the space, or much time, to fit it in the newspaper lately. But I figure the time has come for me to find a bit of available newsprint and make sure you know I’m still here at the Wetzel Chronicle–either to your delight or chagrin. Plus, I think if I don’t write something about my recently deceased mother, she’ll surely come back from the grave to haunt me. (She always did like attention and being mentioned in this space.)

But seriously, I want to thank the many people who have said a kind word, sent a card, or attended funeral services for my mom, Doris Imogene Morgan Westfall. She passed away Jan. 25 and undoubtedly had a joyous reunion with my dad, Raymond Westfall, who left his earthly home almost two years ago.

Particularly in light of this week’s big holiday, Valentine’s Day, I think their love, which included a marriage of 64 years, deserves mention. They were an unlikely pair. My dad was incredibly studious and would read just about anything he could get his hands on; my mom boasted that she only read one book in her life. Dad was very humble; mom loved to amass ribbons and trophies. Dad was rather quiet; mom was a champion liar–seriously.

Yet their love endured. They didn’t need fancy Valentine’s Day gifts. In fact, for the last several years of their lives they simply got out the same vintage Valentine, probably from mom’s yard sale, auction, or flea market finds, and put it on the mantel. They would say, “There you go honey, there’s your Valentine!” It was enough. They knew their love existed.

While my mother was languishing in Wheeling Hospital the last few days of her life, a friend of mine said she was sure my dad was in Heaven tapping his foot, wondering when she was finally going to arrive. Well, that day did come, as we knew it would, and I’m sure there was a happy reunion. True love endures.